Tui Na or Tuina is a bodywork therapy that is prominent in China for over 2,000 years. Tui Na therapy utilizes old Chinese medical theory on the concept of Qi or Chi flow through the meridians as its main therapeutic orientation. Tui Na uses the application of manipulation and massage techniques to attain a more harmonious flow of Qi or Chi through the scheme of collaterals and channels, thus letting the body heal itself in a natural way.

What Is Tui Na Massage Therapy?

Westerners view Tui Na massage therapy as an Asian bodywork therapy that is closely alike with that of conventional western massage. Most of the techniques used in Tui Na are the same, like the gliding also known as Tui or effleurage, kneading known as Nie or petrissage, percussion known as Da or tapotement, shaking, friction, rocking, pulling, rotation and vibration. Even though with the similarities, the aim of Tui Na is more on the therapeutic aspect as compared to the Swedish-style massage, which focuses on simple relaxation.

Tui Na can help relieve pain, particularly those that causes musculoskeletal problems and injuries. Conditions such as immobility, neck pain, shoulder and back pain, sciatica and tennis elbow can be treated with Tui Na. However, it can be hard to treat specific problems using Tui Na without improving the body’s complete Qi or Chi status. This means that conditions like IBS, constipation, headaches, migraines, PMS and other emotional conditions can be treated.

Same with acupuncture, Tui Na therapy has side effects, but most of them are good. A good example of this side effect is that for a person being treated for back pain through Tui Na will find that his/her chronic constipation will also be relieved. This is due to that focus of the pain treatment, which is the Bladder meridian that connects with the Qi energies in the large intestine.

There are times that the side effects are emotional, and patients will find it that they’re crying.

TuiNa is becoming fast popular in western countries. The simplicity and aim on particular conditions of Tui Na make it great as an alternative or extension of a Victoria BC massage. TuiNa treatments are of short duration so it can be utilized in offices, homes, hospitals or clinics. It’s good for professional massage therapists and active, health-conscious people.