A chain block (often termed as hand chain hoist) is an instrument that is employed to lift and lower massive loads with the help of a chain. Chain blocks contain dual wheels, where the chain is wound around. When the chain is pulled, it loops around the wheels and begins to hoist the load that is attached to the rope or chain with the help of a hook.

A chain block capacity, exceeds the limit of an individual or even the combined capacity of a group of individuals by a huge margin. A chain block is very common in a wide range of operations in the industrial and construction work sectors across the world. Moreover, their low cost and easy maintenance, coupled with the range of models and sizes that are available, make them an immensely popular lifting medium within the industrial sphere.

The key to select the best chain block

There are many chain blocks for sale. Whether you are a novice to the lifting gear business, or you are a qualified expert, it is not that troublesome to figure out that there are various types of hoists in the market. With hundreds of varying manufacturers, offering different sizes and shapes, and even chain blocks that can execute more than one process, it can be perplexing to figure out the right piece of equipment or the best hoist for your operations.

You should keep the following factors in mind while deciding on the chain blocks:

1. Load limit

The working load limit is the highest weight that can be safely applied to a particular piece of lifting equipment. After duly considering the weights that are to be lifted during the task, it is preferable to opt for a chain block that can manage more weight than the general regular operations require.


If you are absolutely confident about your requirements of the equipment, make a list. Try to invest in a chain block according to the list, and it is preferable to purchase the best quality equipment from a reputed seller, who can analyze the client requirements perfectly, and provide spare parts in case of an emergency.

3. Making a website visit

Taking a tour of the lifting equipment supplier’s website to go through the equipment they provide and the quality of their devices, can be a good idea. It is one of the best ways to understand if the supplier is capable of delivering the best products for the lifting process.


Endurance is an important factor when it comes to lifting equipment. Buying quality lifting equipment, inspecting and maintaining them regularly ensures that the equipment lasts for a long time and saves cost in the long run.

5.Lift height

The height at which the load has to be upped should also get a priority while deciding on the chain block.

Electric chain hoists are a variant of the chain blocks that use electricity to power the lifts. For instance, a 250 kg electric hoist will do the same job as a manual hoist, but except for using manual labor like the latter, it will use electricity. Although electric chain hoists are capable of lifting heavier loads, manual hoists still have working load limits up to 20 tons, which is enough for regular industrial and construction operations.


It is said that cost is more important than quality but quality is the best way to reduce cost! So, whenever you buy a chain block or an electric hoist, make sure that quality is never compromised to reduce cost. To give you a head-start, you can begin your search from Tiger chain blocks, as they are high in quality and one of the best in the market. Make sure to keep the above discussed points in your head, while you opt for any equipment.