The office is a place of collaboration and a storm of creative ideas from brilliant people. Working together on projects is often challenging and nerve-racking, but also exhilarating and exciting. At the end of the day, when you’re tired and content, there’s no one you would have done it with rather than your team. When the results come in and it’s another job well done, the same team needs to get together and relish in their success. Being a team means more than just working together; what comes after counts, too.

1. Let them choose

Instead of doing the same old thing every time, you can let a different member of the team pick a new team building activity every time. There are plenty of different people on your team, which means there will be plenty of interesting ideas. By letting the people choose, you give them freedom and make them feel more connected to success.

As well as that, you make them build relationships. Though they might not like a certain activity, they’ll get to know their teammate better and get out of their comfort zone. This can only open your people up to new and exciting things. That kind of attitude will be even handier on your next project. You can even make it a rule that activities can’t repeat. This way, you’ll make sure that you truly do something new each time you celebrate.

2. Get your own theme song

Doing something legendary doesn’t have to involve doing something extreme. Sometimes it’s enough to pay attention to the details and give your team something unique. Getting your own theme song is just the thing to boost morale and celebrate a victory without going all out. Choose a song based on your teams’ interests, an inside joke, or simply the song you play the most during your projects.

It could even be something symbolic like “We are the champions” that everyone will love and understand. As soon as the theme song starts ringing through the office, you’ll see happy faces and excited smiles. The team may even feel closer to each other, and they’ll surely feel special in the office, at least for a few minutes.

3. Order dessert

If you don’t want to make a big deal out of a milestone but still feel it should be celebrated, you can always make the coffee break more special. In places like Australia, it’s customary to treat the team to some well-deserved dessert. Firms like Zest Patisserie are a favourite of many, as they deliver delicious cakes and other desserts to this special coffee break. The team gets to feel appreciated and enjoy some sugar with their coffee, while still not being too distracted from work.

It’s a wonderful way to bring the office together, as well as show everyone the power of teamwork. Just be sure to take into account everyone’s dietary preferences when you make the order.

4. Go out

Traditions are born pretty easily. All you have to do is take your team out for drinks after every project. Soon enough, you won’t even have to say a word. Everyone will be picking up their coats and heading for your bar after the project is finished. You can make it the same bar every time, or you can live it up in a different place every time.

The important thing is that you’re together and that you’re having fun. Depending on the feel and vibe of the group, you could kick it back at a local dive bar, go clubbing, or let loose with some karaoke. If people are open and like to explore, pick a new night on the town every time.


A team that can laugh together and pat each other on the back after another project is finished is a team that stays together. No matter how well you think you know someone when they’re focused and working, you get to know a whole new person when the pressure is off and they’re free to relax and enjoy their success. Appreciate each other outside the work projects, build relationships, and your team chemistry will be even better on the next project.