Modern microdermabrasion techniques lift off the uppermost layer of skin. Many of these skin cells are dead, and removing them helps keep the skin surface smooth and allows the pores to breath. One of the more advanced methods of skin cell removal is the diamond peel procedure.

This type of treatment is medically beneficial as well as cosmetically effective. Diamond peel treatment is somewhat different than crystal microdermabrasion because it does not involve the use of free abrasion particles.

How The Procedure Works

A specialized wand is fitted with both a suction line and a diamond-tipped head. The surface of the head is much like fine sandpaper. The wand is connected to a device that controls the speed of the vibrating head as well as the amount of air suction.

When applied to the skin, the diamond head gently strips away the outer layers of the stratum corneum. Any dirt particles or oil on the surface is also removed. Small surface blackheads are sheared away.

Unlike crystal microdermabrasion instruments, a diamond peel wand does not leave any particles behind. Crystals from a traditional brush tool are loose, meaning the surface of the skin is literally sandblasted. Some of the crystal particles may not be sucked up by the vacuum force and can even become lodged in skin pores. When a diamond peel instrument is used, the result is extremely smooth skin and open pores.

What Is Diamond Peel (Microdermabrasion)

Recommended For Those with Acne

One of the problems associated with acne is the inability for skin pores to breath. Dirt buildup on the skin surface limits the amount of air that can penetrate the pores. Pimples are the scar tissue manufactured by the body when a foreign agent such as grit becomes lodged deep in the pores. Diamond peel cleaning can help reduce this problem to a significant degree.

Most clinics that perform this type of procedure will apply a degreasing cleanser prior to using the diamond-tipped wand. This ensures that particles will be sucked away rather than become stuck in oily skin pores. When individuals receive a diamond peel treatment once every two months, the result is brighter, smoother skin with fewer pimples, blemishes, or wrinkles.

Quick Procedure, Fast Results

A typical diamond peel procedure takes only about 45 minutes including the skin prepping. The skin is not irritated during the procedure, nor will a rash develop. Some patients complain about eye irritation when undergoing crystal microdermabrasion therapy. This is because loose crystal particles are swept into the cracks between the eyelid and eyeball. This problem cannot occur with the diamond peel technique.

Results are immediate. Individuals notice the smoother skin as soon as the procedure is completed. The newly cleaned epidermis is easier to maintain because Vitamin A derivatives used by the individual become more efficient in their ability to work on the skin. In fact, the diamond peel procedure is recommended for those who use this type of derivative because of the rapid skin cell turnover created.
Information and procedure information source: Empire Regen Centre