When you buy a new mobile or tablet, one important thing that strikes your mind is its protection. Most of the electronic devices are costly and therefore protecting the device’s screen from breaking is important.

These days, tempered glass screen protectors have become a popular choice of device holders. This guide will brief you more about tempered glass screen protectors.

What Is A Tempered Glass?

Before purchasing a tempered glass for your device, it’s important to know more about it. Basically, tempered glass screen guards are multi-layered screen protectors. These protectors have a layer of absorbent silicon, a clear adhesive tempered glass, a PET film, and an oleo phobic coating.

Difference between Plastic and Tempered Glass

These glasses are about five times stronger than a normal glass. Besides this, following are other differences between the two:

  • Toughness

Tempered glass is sturdier as compared to the plastic one. Plastic glasses get scratched easily. On the other hand, tempered glasses don’t. Plastic glasses have thickness of about 0.1 mm while tempered glasses come with thickness of 0.3-0.5 mm.

  • Feel

These days, most of the electronic devices come with Gorilla glass or other scratch less screens. When you use a plastic protector, you can feel the difference in the screen’s smoothness while using your device. On the other hand, no such difference is felt if you add tempered glass.

  • Look

Plastic protectors are less thick as compared to tempered glasses. As mentioned earlier, usually, tempered glasses come with 0.3-0.5 mm thickness and plastic glasses come with 0.1 mm thickness. This thickness affects look of your device. Using a tempered glass provides better look to your device as compared to a plastic glass.

  • Price

Plastic screen protectors are much cheaper than plastic ones. Price of a plastic glass vary lie from $ 2 to $ 10. On the other hand, tempered glasses start from $2 and can go up to $35 depending upon the quality of glass. The price difference is due to glass quality and technology used on glass such as an oleo phobic coating, which affects the amount of fingerprints on the device.

  • Installation

If you have used a plastic glass, you must be aware of its installation process. If you use a better quality glass, fewer efforts are required for installation. However, in either case, you are required to clean your device’s screen.

Do You Need a Glass for Your Device?

Though using a tempered glass screen protector is not necessary, however, it can be very useful. Your device’s Gorilla screen may get scratched with the particles present in your pocket. Also, if you drop your device from your hands, its screen can crack. Though it’s true that tempered glasses are not unbreakable, but these glasses can save you from replacing your device’s screen.

It’s easier and cheaper to replace a tempered glass as compared to the original screen.  Besides this, if your device’s original screen has many scratches, covering it with a tempered glass can improve its look and avoid the need to replace the original screen.


Hope this guide will be helpful for you to deciding whether you should go for a tempered glass for your device or not.