Temporary office are also known as the contract help or contract labor, it is nontraditional work arrangement whereby workers are employed by an external company and work for a company for a predetermined, temporary period of time. When thinking about temporary office staff, you have to review the reasons why this arrangement is important and whether these conditions apply to your business.


It helps arrangements exist to offer mutually beneficial employment arrangements in out-of-the-ordinary situations. Temporary employment agencies are built for the purpose of providing office-based business with short-term employees. These employees are not employees of the business at which they are assigned, but are contracted through the temp agencies and receive paychecks from the temp agency’s payroll.

Advantages to Employers

Employers benefit from using temporary business office help in cases where extra workers are needed for short periods of time. This also helps backup for regular employees taking extended sick or parental leave or times when a business has a seasonal need for extra help such as a financial institution needing extra help at the end of the fiscal year. Temp agency saves the employer the trouble of going through a time-consuming hiring and background check process, employers may do a preliminary interview with potential workers, or ask the temp agency to make the placement selection.

Benefits to Employees

Term business agency is usually long-time employees of the agency who can be eligible for benefits like paid time off and health insurance. This, combined with greater job security than independent temporary work, makes long-term business a more viable option for these workers. It not only makes the choice of a temp agency a more ethical business but also helps assures a larger talent pool.

Unemployment and Stability

Businesses facing unsure times benefit from using temp agency employees in situations where hiring permanent employees is a financial gamble. Using temp employees on limited contracts instead of hiring, and the firing would be permanent employees, will spare both the workplace stress related with firings and the costs of increased unemployment.


Office temp companies are accommodating to employers with less experience in handling the responsibilities that come with having employees. This temp agency will handle most employment-related problems like background checks, payroll and taxes and issues related to behaviors in the workplace. Though the businesses are the responsible for abiding with the terms and conditions related to these issues, the temp agency makes this easier and convenient by informing businesses of their accountability to the employee.