In today’s world, most people are aware of the danger of developing breast cancer. The condition is very tricky, with women obviously being at much higher risk than men. Unfortunately, Life Medical Technologies highlights that this is the most common of all cancers that are diagnosed in women right now. It is thus really important to take preventive measures.

Everything starts with fully understanding why breast cancer appears in the first place. The causes that are mentioned below are not the only ones but they are definitely the main ones. We are still faced with many factors that are not known but you need to start learning more about the following.


This is definitely not something you want to hear but aging is a really common factor that you need to worry about when you think about contributing factors for breast cancer development. As the body starts to age, the risk of being affected by this disease is growing. This is why so many doctors out there will tell you that you have to do all that you can in order to have a healthier lifestyle. Exercising and paying close attention to your nutrition is going to help so much more than what you might think right now.

Excessive Alcohol Consumption

Excessive alcohol drinking is actually going to double the risk that you have of developing breast cancer. This is why you want to seriously consider avoiding alcohol or at least limiting how much you consume.

Denser Breast Tissue

Women that have denser breast tissue need to be checked much more often than others. This can easily boost breast cancer growth. At the same time, it is more difficult to diagnose whether or not a woman has the first signs of breast cancer when breast tissue is dense.

Early Menstruation

The women that had their menstruation appear before they were 12 years old have a higher risk of breast cancer when compared with the rest. If this is your case, you want to schedule more often check-ups.

Never Being Pregnant Or A Late Child Birth

The women that have the first child when they are older, no matter the reason for it, have a higher breast cancer risk. At the same time, if you never conceived or you did not want to, the body can be affected by breast cancer. This is not something that you can counter but it is definitely something you want to be aware of.

Family History

If breast cancer runs in your family there is a higher possibility that you are also going to be affected by the disease. Having the family history feature breast cancer actually doubles breast cancer risk.


As you can see, breast cancer risks are much more deceiving than expected. This is why it is always recommended that you go to a doctor and that you get checked out, based on a schedule that is proper. This practically means that you should always do the tests, especially if the risk factors mentioned above are present.