If you are about to implement the sd wan technology to your business network, it is important for you to gather information about its architecture. The architecture refers to the structure and working of the sd WAN. There are three primary sd wan architecture implementations that we have today and they are all discussed below.

On premises only

The on premises only architecture works with the help of an SD WAN box which works essentially as a router and helps in shaping up the traffic in real time for each site. The noticeable thing about this architecture is that it works without the help of any cloud gateway.

This type of solution is great for a business that has all the applications in house, without any reliance on the cloud. Although you might be willing to add the cloud, if you are not using any application that works over it, it would be better to avoid it as this would add up to the cost of the SD WAN.

The benefits of using this structure include low or zero cloud cost, ISP load balancing, real time traffic management, and better connectivity backup.

Cloud enabled SD WAN

As the name indicates, this type of architecture would help in connecting the on premises structure to a cloud network. It provides a virtual gateway for the business to connect to other branches and use the cloud resources and applications mutually. This increases the performance of cloud apps along with their reliability and you end up with higher productivity.

Mainly, the companies use cloud gateways that are exclusive to applications, such as office 365, AWS, Salesforce, and many more. Even if the internal circuits fail, the data is hosted over the cloud and SD WAN would re-route the traffic to alternate internet circuit.

Cloud enabled with backbone

If you think that the cloud may go down and you want to strengthen it, this is the architecture for you. IT helps you in connecting with the network of your SD WAN provider who routes the traffic on his own private network backbone while keeping all the cloud enabled services turned on.

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