Losing weight will not be successful if you resort to extreme dieting and too much exercise. Your body will respond better if you introduce slow, small changes in your diet and physical activities. For instance, if you have not done any form of exercise in the past few years and one day you suddenly go out and run miles you will most likely injure yourself. So what is the smart way to lose weight?

Your body’s energy needs

Weight gain happens when a person eats more food than his body actually needs for daily activities and cell sustenance. Since your body was not able to use up all the fat from the food you ate, they will be stored as fat. How do you shed them properly?

Eat lesser calories

Do more physical activities

Change your mindset

Small Changes

Even the smallest changes will lead to big results. One extra cupcake can lead you to gain a few pounds a year, letting go of one will help you lose weight after some time. You just need to be firm at changing your eating habits into healthy ones. Once you are able to follow a healthy diet you will see results in a few weeks but if you want bigger changes you have to continue with the healthy diet for the months and years to come. Once you decide to do this good lifestyle change you have to commit to it for the rest of your life.

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Physical Activities

The amount of physical activities you perform greatly affects your weight. Even if you maintain the same diet but you increase the amount of your exercise you will still be able to lose weight. Exercise, does not necessarily mean hours spent at the gym. A simple 20-minute walk around the park will give favorable results if done in a long period of time. Each time you add a small amount of exercise, you will be able to burn the calories you take in through your meals.

Here are some tricks to add some physical activities to your routine without the need to go to the gym:

If you are going out during the weekend, like going to the mall, park somewhere a bit far from your actual destination so you will need to take a walk to get to the shop. If you go to outings and picnics, try to explore the area by walking. Not only will you be able to enjoy the view, you will also be able to burn fat in the process.

Rather than taking the elevator, use the stairs. When going to you office or going home, get off one bus stop away from the usual one and walk a bit towards your destination.

When watching TV, use commercial breaks as your cue to get up and perform some stretching and exercise. You can also use a stationary bicycle so you can exercise while watching your favorite TV show.

Calorie intake

Overweight and obese individuals need to do more than exercise. They need to pair proper diet with a lot of exercise to achieve optimum results. They will never be able to lose fat if they keep on eating more than their body can burn. This does not mean that they have to starve themselves. Starving is never a good way to lose unwanted fats. They just need to eat healthier foods at small amounts.

Your diet should be more than 1500 calories a day since anything lesser than that will make you feel weak. Reducing 300-500 calories from your usual diet will make you lose 1 to 2 pounds every week.

Here are a few tips on how to reduce your calorie intake:

Replace soda with water

Replace whole milk with skimmed milk

Use less butter and mayonnaise on your food

Reduce sugar intake

Eat in smaller portions

Avoid unhealthy snacks in between meals

Reduce alcohol intake

Proper mindset

When you start your weight loss program you will need to weight at least a couple of weeks to see the changes in your body. In order for these changes going, you need to be well motivated. There are experts who focus on hypnosis for weight loss to help people achieve a mindset that will be very helpful in their goal of losing weight.

A few of the things hypnosis can do are:

Help you enjoy physical exercises

Reduce your craving for unhealthy foods

Appetite control so you don’t eat too much

Improve your craving for healthy foods

Give you a positive outlook towards your weight loss goal

Weight loss will not be easy because you will be fighting your usual habits. With the help of hypnosis you will have a better mindset so achieving your ideal weight and figure will be relatively easier than if you just change your eating habits and exercise more. Doing these two things can be very depressing and may lead to desperation. A positive frame of mind is necessary so you stay focused on this goal.

You can lose weight the smart way by achieving the three important weight loss factors. Losing weight will be easy if you have these three important things: healthy eating habits, proper exercise, and the right mindset.

Dr. Susan Padmore who works with other consultants to help weight loss. With at least 2 years of active experience, he is familiar with the detrimental effects of over weight and how it ruins one’s life.