As health experts have repeatedly pointed out, one of the most significant U.S. health epidemics in the 21st century is our losing battle with obesity. The rise in the numbers of overweight Americans is linked to numerous factors, from larger portion sizes in public restaurants to sedentary lifestyles.

The obesity trend is also hurting children. The challenge of overcoming it can be seen when you note the stiff lobbying on behalf of the placement of vending machines that contain fat- and sugar-laden foods in school cafeterias.

At this point, fully 1/3 of American citizens are clinically obese (and another third are at least overweight). Despite the size of the problem, however, people are using technology as one of the ways to get access to viable solutions.

If you are currently overweight and want to begin getting healthier now, the following web-based programs might be of assistance to you.

1. Cronometer

As health coaches will tell you, one of the reasons many obese people are not likely to lose significant weight is because they are not sufficiently mindful of everything they eat. Cronometer offers an easy solution to this problem by providing users with detailed information regarding their food in terms of both nutritional content and caloric intake.

The website is very user-friendly. You simply have to go there, create an account, and you’ll be able to check exactly what was in everything you ate as well as obtain a detailed breakdown of the total number of calories you consumed for the day.

2. HoursMap

Another web-based tool that obese people can use to fight the bulge is HoursMap. This handy site allows people to select the restaurants they wish to frequent in their city, thereby empowering them to make healthy choices about where to eat.

HoursMap also includes location information for healthy grocery outlets such as Whole Foods.


This is a wonderful online resource that helps obese people to educate themselves in order to make prudent decisions with regard to what they eat. offers advice in terms of healthy eating on a budget, food labels and protein foods

By logging on to this website, people with weight problems can get an opportunity to learn how to put together nutritious, tasty meals that will be satisfying and sate your appetite without having an adverse effect on your health.

Correct the Issue

Although research has thoroughly persuaded many Americans that the obesity epidemic is real and dire, its size does not appear to be diminishing. If the situation continues, the individuals who currently struggle with obesity can make themselves susceptible to a variety of other sickness, such as diabetes, metabolic , syndrome, and various cardiovascular disorders.

Yet by simply learning how to change their diets, individuals who are currently classified as obese can make the positive changes necessary to weak down, size up, and make healthy.

The obesity epidemic is having a substantial impact on public health, but viable solutions for the problem are available. By using the information found in the websites listed above, obese Americans who want to change can obtain the information and assistance you need.

That’s a start on the road to wellness and a more productive, positive life.