The excess fat in our body not only keeps you from losing weight, most of the time has consequences as slow metabolism, hypertension and high cholesterol, so here are some beverage options that help you burn fat.

Warm Water

Warm or room temperature water is perfect for burning fat, it is estimated that if they drink 8 to 10 glasses a day can burn up to 250 calories in addition helps the cell function and metabolism.

Green Tea

It is for other known this drink helps you burn fat, it is advisable to drink 3-5 cups of green tea can be hot or cold, also when combined with other herbs such as lemon leaves the effect will better.

Coconut Water

Coconut is a fruit that contains many organic substances that help accelerate fat metabolism, allowing you to burn fat fast and lose weight more effectively. Coconut water nourishes and cleanses the body; nutrients are compared with breast milk and help to detox the kidneys to eliminate toxins.

Homemade Fat Burner Drinks To Lose Weight

Water with Mint

To burn fat and have perfectly functioning body water is vital, but to make it more pleasant and refreshing can make a tea with mint, drink it hot or let it cool, plus you can add a squeeze of lemon. The benefits it has for your body are tonics and antioxidants.


Drinking coffee also wake up your body brings many benefits to begin caffeine is great for speeding up the metabolism, which stimulates thermogenesis and burn calories, it is important not consumed with milk or sugar. I also drink at breakfast or midmorning reduces hunger.

Water with Lemon

Hot water with lemon is a drink that will help you better metabolize fats also has vitamin C which helps strengthen your defenses, this drink will be effective to reduce bloating, improve digestion and prevents fat from accumulating in your belly, ideally take fasting.

Cactus Juice with Pineapple

Cactus is rich in fiber, vitamins and minerals, their properties that help burn fat, prevent the glucose levels in the blood and contains substances that reduce bad cholesterol in the blood, in terms of fat burning water cactus slows the time the fat making it quick and easy disposal absorbed. To prepare liquefies only one slice of pineapple with a cactus and a glass of water.

Maintaining proper hydration is vital to maintain a healthy body, eliminate toxins, lose weight and have a good metabolism, these natural drinks that you can follow but do not forget to consult your doctor.