In traditional era, women wore skirt for almost every occasion and all the season. It doesn’t matter, if the cloth is good enough to resist the temperature, they had no much option. Such a thing might sound weird to you now, as they have many options when it comes to wearing apparel for any occasion.

Women prefer to wear Jack and Jones Jeans rather than skirts in winters, as it keeps them warm. However, if you can prefer to wear skirts even during winter it is possible.

Wear Skirts To Beat The Cold Weather and Look Fashionable As Well

Materials of Skirt

Skirts made up of heavy fabric materials such as denim, velvet, wool, leather, and heavy cotton materials can help to sustain the temperature. It avoids the entrance of cold air through the shirt, which is common during winter.

Do not wear skirts made up of satins, polyester blends, silks, and other thing materials. These fabrics are not efficient in resisting the chilled air. Tighter skirts can be preferred than loose skirts, as they will keep you warm.

Wear Skirts To Beat The Cold Weather and Look Fashionable As Well

Size of the Skirts

Along with the fabric, the length of skirt also matters a lot. You could wear a skirt with length up to your knee or below it, but not during winter. Full length skirts are quite good for winter, but they drag on ground, but they might get muddy and wet.

Most comfortable size of skirt is knee length, which can be put on to give professional, flirty, and trendy appearance. Wearing a mini skirt will be a defying job as it leaves your legs uncovered. However, with suitable leg covering, you could wear miniskirts without feeling the cold.

Wear Skirts To Beat The Cold Weather and Look Fashionable As Well

Choose Appropriate Colors for Skirts

Selection of colors must be done wisely. Solid and dark colored skirts with strong pattern drawn in muted tones are highly preferred as winter collection. Other patterns such as pinstripes, geometric shapes and flannel print are suitable for skirts.

Do not wear skirts with floral print, which evoke summer and spring season. Avoid colors such as turquoise, coral or other pastel colors, which are appropriate colors for spring and summer season.

Wear Skirts To Beat The Cold Weather and Look Fashionable As Well

How to Turn your Skirt Fashionable

  • Put on right pairs of leg coverings with skirt- Wearing suitable leg coverings under skirts can enhance your personality and comfort you at the same time. Stockings, leggings, and even jeans suit well with skirts. Wearing jeans with loose skirts gives a casual look.
  • Accessorize your skirt properly- Wearing appropriate accessories with skirts can save you from winter. Outfits such as gloves, extra socks (layered with stockings), scarf and hats are advisable with skirts. Hats woven with wool are quite warm, and stylish. Even small hats match well with skirts.
  • Footwear & tops- You can spice up your personality by putting on fancy sweaters and jackets with your skirts. The top inside your jacket or sweater must have long sleeves rather than short sleeves. Outerwear coat with long stockings look certainly very sexy, and it flatters on almost every women. You might have seen the Royal Lady – Kate Middleton in this outfit many a times. Along with tops, footwear is also an important accessory that has to be considered. You can wear snow boots with your keen length skirts, which looks really very stylish.

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