Cancer, the word itself gives us a scenario of a battle that can’t be won. The disease not just degrades the human body and also destroys the spirit of every possible human being around. Till date it is unbeatable and also one of the costliest disease to treat.In Cancer, cells in specific parts of the body grows and multiply in an uncontrolled manner. One of the most important characteristic of cancer cell is its invading nature that destroys the surrounding healthy organs and tissues.Metastasis is that property that makes cancer most dangerous and still unbeatable in the medical field because this phenomena causes the cancer to spread to other areas of the body, after its onset at a particular site.

We CAN-CERvive


There are around 200 different types of cancer till date. Cancer blocks the cell cycle inhibitors so the cell does not get any information to stop their division this aggravates the cancerous condition in out body. This blockage is primarily due to the mutation of suppressed cancer specific gene which becomes active. Thus it is said that we all have cancer specific genes in our genomic organization however the body make that part of the gene suppressed. Different mutagens like ionizing radiations, exposure to any toxic compounds or chemicals, pathogens and different cancer causing agents like tobacco, alcohol causes the mutation and making the gene functional. Along with all these agents can is also genetic, that is it can transmit through parents to offspring.


During the onset the symptoms generally include skin texture change, sudden weight loss, fatigue,unusual bleeding, abnormal outgrowth of tissue masses etc. However it is also seen many times that a person carrying a benign tumor, when irritated during surgery can turn out into a malignant tumor causing cancer.

There are many test to diagnose or screen cancer, one of the most effective technique is biopsy. In biopsy a suspected tissue is treated with many cancer specific inhibitors and activators to examine.


Chemotherapy is one of the trusted and go to therapy for the doctors against cancer. In this different drugs are used to prevent the growth and development of cancer cells in the body. It is very costly and painful technique whose benefits usually outweighs the risk factors. Chemotherapy stops the growth of new blood vessels in the affected part as in to starve the cancer cell for nutrition hence growth pauses and thus the cells get triggered to apoptosis. The intensity of chemotherapy depends on the degree of metastasis. High side effect like nausea, fatigue, hair loss are the side effects of chemotherapy along with the killing of useful cells around the affected region. Chemotherapy price in India ranges from 15,000 to 80,000 around making it one of the most expensive treatments yet no confirmation of the removal of the disease. India have the privilege of having the best as well as reasonable center for chemotherapy.

Hope against Trauma

It is true that once a person gets cancer it is impossible for him/her to live. However many cases were reported nowadays with the extension of the fatality. So we should fight cancer with utmost hope and mental strength and keep faith in the researchers, one day we will surely be victorious in this battle.