Tamil Health Tips. A healthy diet is the best medicine. Fifteen minutes of exercise every day contributes to good health. Exercise can include walking, running, aerobics, etc. Adding fruits and vegetables to everyday food increases nutrient content in the human body. Green leafy vegetables contain the most nutrients. They are rich in iron and calcium. They are also rich in Vitamin A, C, E and K. Dark green vegetables reduce the risk of cancer.

Cutting down on junk and deep fried foods are also a good option to a healthy life. Increase of junk food causes high blood pressure. Junk foods may include pizza, burger, and cheese cakes. Soft drinks are a major contributor to obesity and related health problems. Raw foods are always better than cooked foods. Raw foods include all types of fruits, nuts and seeds. Intake of alcohol and tobacco spoils good health. Excessive intake of alcohol spoils liver and weakens the immune system.  And excessive smoking causes cancer.

Ways To Healthy Living

Meditation/practicing yoga reduces tension and stress. Yoga helps one to get a perfect posture and also increases blood flow. Yoga increases muscle and bone health. It also decreases blood pressure and sugar. Yoga keeps us away from bad habits. The most important factor for a peaceful life is to have a good sleep. 7 hours of sleep are mandatory to start a fresh day. Yoga helps for a deep sleep. Maintaining a positive relationship with others leads to a happy life.

All work and no play cause depression. Spending time to play makes the mind free from stress and increases blood circulation. Regular health checkup is mandatory to a healthy living. It helps to find a problem at the start which eventually ends with an appropriate treatment. Routine health checkup helps in maintaining good health. It detects and cure diseases at an early stage.

Drinking 8 glasses of water on a daily basis reduces calories. Reducing intake of water leads to dehydration, which in turn makes the skill dry and wrinkled. Drinking plenty of food helps the skin look good. Fluids can also be taken in the form of fresh juices and milk.

Consuming coffee and tea increases calories.  Adequate water consumption is necessary to balance the fluid content of the body.

Skipping breakfast is dangerous to health. It may lead to diabetes, increase in weight, cancer and even memory loss. Breakfasts are the energy boosters for the day. It increases metabolism and decreases cholesterol. It is also a major source to prevent heart attack. A nutritious breakfast is better than a good breakfast. A healthy breakfast should always include boiled egg, nuts and fruits/dry fruits. A healthy living is a happy living. (TamilEagle.com)