If you are so busy and want to use the phone for the payment, then good news for you. Droplet, a mobile app that lets you send money to anyone through your tiny mobile phone. The good news is that Droplet has signed up with two leading major companies, Airparks and Chiltern grow their business.

The maker of the app, Droplet commented that they have a nice vision of changing the way people transfer money. It will save time as well as money. The transfer facility will be free of any cost. At the trial already 25000 users have adopted Droplet to make payments. Like free calling facilities over the internet, Droplet will cater the public as a platform where they can send money without any servicing charge.

DropletMr. Steffan Aquarone and Will Grant cited that this app will help people to transfer money easily from their mobile handsets. It will help people to transfer money fast, and on the go. Now people don’t have to wait in queues or open your computer to transfer money online. Money transfer is possible over the phone without any charge. They cited that the app will soon get popular as it will not charge a penny to transfer the money, and more importantly people can conveniently send money to others on the go.

Both, Mr. Steffan Aquarone and Will Grant agreed it will be wonderful news for people if they will sing the contract with Airparks and Railways. Currently they are discussion on the deal in detail. Mr. Aquarone cited that if things go well, then their company has the potential to capture the world market rapidly. They have enough potential to become a prominent name in the money transfer business.

Hoping to start the service this April, the two companies that are signing Droplet, providing helping hands so that they help the people saving their precious time and money. According the Airparks officials, the venture will help community to manage their finances well. In future, Droplet officials will launch more helpful apps for the benefit of people. They will continuously enhance the feature of Droplet in the future.

The Droplet will soon become the stand alone company that allows users to send money to their friends and family members without spending a single penny. The officials of Droplet cited that the app will help in the growth of mobile commerce. Droplet, is the step that they have taken to remove all the barriers and impediment that people usually face during the payment.

A slew of people still unaware of Droplet, and this is a wonderful news for them. The company is expecting that the formula will help people and the popularity will help the company to grow.