A used container is ideal for your small and timid new business. Why do I believe that? For several reasons. Below are just three of them:

  • It’s cheaper – It costs less to buy or build a metal plate structure than to invest in a building made of bricks, foundation, etc. You can find good quality containers in different sizes and colors. To check a good sample, see it here.
  • It is faster – such a construction is very easy and fast to install, compared to a classic one. This allows you to start the business as soon as possible.
  • It’s less risky – If you’re thinking about starting a business, you still have many fears and emotions. Buying a space for your low-risk business, both in terms of investment and construction strength, is something that you can enjoy.

What are the three business ideas that are ideal for a container?

A restaurant

So you’ve been dreaming about your own restaurant for years, but you still have not dared to open one? How about a mini restaurant or a pop-up restaurant? A container can be the ideal place for a specialized restaurant or a fast-food, etc. You can even try a pop-up cafe with limited seats, but very good and irresistible coffee. The idea of ​​a “boxed” restaurant may be fun to many, especially if you’re getting innovative in terms of recipes. It provides your customers with a culinary journey wherever you want. Do not be limited to one specific thing; what can you do in each season for a particular flavor? Be creative!

A showroom

I do not know about you, but I noticed that online stores are doing well. By noticing, I want to say that I am sure that the online environment will be more and more full of such online stores. Would you like to open a store, but do not have the physical space for one? That’s why a container can host a showroom. It can only be suitable for such a concept. A sufficient space to display the products you sell, but which will later be delivered to the buyers directly at their home. An idea of the future worth investing in. More here.

A seasonal business

Spring, summer and autumn rumble the festivals will be more and more from now on. All countries have a reputation in festivals, so why not have a mobile deal with a container? Whether to sell soft drinks, food or handicrafts, a tank can be the ideal space for this kind of business.

If you’re wondering where to get a container, there are manufacturers for different destinations. They can help with building a container on concrete, pillars or on the ground. You can customize almost everything, from floor to extra facilities and insulation. And if you need inspiration, here you can see more shopping places in the containers.

Another option for used containers can be to turn it into a great living alternative for small-budget owners or minimalists. Modular, robust and durable, they can function like lego houses.

What does a container house mean?

Container houses were initially used on site, in camping parks or disaster areas, because they were prefabricated, standardized dwellings that could be quickly modified and improved. Even if it looks like a new concept, the houses in the containers are even older than you might have believed, they had become popular after the Second World War, especially in the 1990s when they were a real trend in architecture.

Even today, they are a valid option, all the more so since they are a green choice, the containers used on shipping boats are excellent for being later converted into alternative housing.


What does a container house mean?

For $ 1,800, you can purchase a recycled container, most likely from a ship, when it is out of use. Besides, you do not even need a complex project when choosing this option and the containers are entirely recyclable.

If you decide on a new container, it can reach up to 20,000 Euros (the total useful floor area is 60 sqm), and most often, the container houses gather more such constructions, set aside in a Lego game, of the architectural plan. The modular principle on which the container houses are based facilitates the transportation and assembly of parts.

Check this out: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shipping_container_architecture

Even if it’s just a container, this dwelling needs building permits. Once you have set up administrative and logistic details, the steps are as follows:

  • Choosing, purchasing and transporting containers – these can even have 30 sqm of terrestrial surface, but they can be overlaid to impressive dimensions; there are niche producers in this real estate market;
  • The location and permits of a container house – these are mobile and easy to carry. Therefore they can constitute temporary or permanent housing with proven resistance;
  • Cutting windows and doors – any type of doors and windows that fit in size can be placed in a container house, transforming it either into a modern dwelling with ample windows to the floor or in a romantic home of inspiration shabby chic.
  • Painting and exterior design – even if they are containers, these homes can be personalized in particular styles when they benefit from the right finishes; for example, they may be coated with exterior paneling or may be painted with silicone paint;

As for the interior design, these houses benefit from all the facilities that you can also enjoy in traditional homes: bathroom equipped with shower, toilet, hot water, interior doors, sockets, switches, electric radiators, parquet, faience, sandstone and furniture in any style.

Everything can be arranged with multifunctional furniture to save space: either a sofa bed or a retractable bed, a bar that can also function as an office and storage space. Turnkey delivery can be done within two weeks, depending on finishing, in the case of a 30 sqm house. The term can be extended to 5 weeks for 120 sqm.

In terms of personalization, container houses are particularly flexible and allow almost any style. They are perfect for minimalist dwellings in neutral colors with full windows and a garden junction, but they can also be transformed into the grandmother’s house with wooden details and a rustic roof.