Though you are a wonderful photographer, there may be times when your photos are not so good and you would like to edit them and give them the touch which will make them look wonderful. During this time, it is the Photoshop tricks and tips which will help you in giving that fresh touch and unique look to the photos. There are various websites like which will help you in editing the background of the photos or adding cute frames to them, but unless you know the Photoshop tricks and tips, you will not be able to edit them fully.


Get to know some Photoshop tricks


Some of the necessary and popular Photoshop tricks that you should know while editing the photos are as follows:


  • Give rotating patterns to your images: You will be able to provide the photos with rotating patterns with the help of a simple shortcut – Ctrl+Shift+Alt+T. It will help you in duplicating layer repeat transformations in one go! To repeat the pattern, you should use the shortcut repeatedly.


  • Add quick full layered masks to your photos: If you wish to add full masks to the photos which will help you hide everything on the layer, then you will have to use the shortcut of Alt-click on the icon of Layer Mask.


  • Give a bird’s eye view to the photos: If you wish to view your work carefully, you will have to give a bird’s eye view to the photos. In order to do so, you will have to zoom in the photo, hold down “H” key and drag the image to come out and make it to the full screen and once again jump back to some other area.


  • Marquee selections for the images: With the help of any Marquee tool, you will have to hold down the option of Alt in order to start the selection at the center and then hold the space key to move the selection from one place to another.


  • Add backgrounds to your images: If you wish to change the original background of the photos and add something new, then you will have to use the option of “shift-click” over the background area and use the paint bucket tool in order to fill the background with some other foreground color. If you wish to go back to the old form, then you will have to “right-click” on the background.


  • Add color code layers to the photos: If you wish to organize your layer panel, you will have to use the option of color coding. You will have to “right-click” on the layer’s eye icon and get access to 8 color code options.

Now that you know some of the major Photoshop tricks, it will be easier for you to use them for your own benefit!