The NBA games have already started and made quite some noise in the online gaming zones. This game has made many people stick to their computer screen for long, long hours and even days for that matter. Even though the game is addictive and interesting to play, it becomes really tough to pass through every level. This is among the many reasons why players stop playing it after a certain point of time.

The following pointers are some excellent tips that will definitely help you in overcoming all the difficult episodes in NBA games of 2016. Let us check them out.

Be Offensive All the Time

Try to be offensive all the time. Don’t get intimidated by your opponent’s strength. Try to look through their weaknesses. Now, do not waste time in using useless offensive techniques. Use the best player, who has the capability to be offensive on the ground. If your offense is good, then goals will be pouring in. There are many videos on best offensive techniques that will help you to know the right way to score goals without getting a foul.

A basket will only happen if you know the game well. There is always the trick of management of space in the basketball ground. The better you have to understand, the more you will score baskets.

Count Every Step

Always remember that in NBA, the best way to stay ahead of your opponent is by keeping a tab on their footsteps. Yes, that is the most important part of the game. Footsteps of the opponent will give you hands on information. You can easily guess whether the player is aiming for a pass or a dunk by simply noticing the foot movements of the players for a while.

Get Those Codes

Getting rune codes are quite tough as they are rare. If you don’t have an idea about what rune codes are, then let me explain. The codes basically help you to enter the black market of NBA, where you can easily get hold of special items. You can use these special items to play better and also score better. First, it is important that you get yourself a rune card. Try to check every card for a sign of rune. Once, you have collected five of them, which might be time-consuming, try exchanging them for a code.

You can also find a number of websites that happen to provide excellent NBA 2k16 mt cheat codes. You can use them to your preference. However, we would always suggest you play fair and play smart. So, all the best for your online games and do let us know if you find these tips useful in winning those tough rounds of NBA.