In today’s world, almost everyone dreams of having and raising a family. But with rising infertility in men and women, there are more roadblocks than ever in getting pregnant. Infertility is defined as the inability to get pregnant after a year of unprotected sex. And it is rising among the population. However, the advancement in technology, infertility can be cured to the point of improving chances of getting pregnant. For men and women, there are different treatments available.     

With more infertility clinics for women, such as Fortis La Femme in Delhi, opening up, the world is trying to subdue the ancient stigma associated with women who couldn’t conceive. More women who are unable to conceive through natural methods are opening up and are taking up female infertility treatment and remedies. Treatments are implemented after understanding the cause behind the same. Some of the most common causes of infertility include:

  • Age: Women are born with a finite number of eggs, and with each menstrual cycle, they lose one. It is said that women should especially start taking care of the quality of eggs once they are approaching 30 years in age since quality of eggs starts dropping drastically which directly affects the chances of getting pregnant.
  • Hormonal Imbalance: This too can create an issue since hormone imbalance can complicate the release of the egg and formation of the inner linings, two extremely important phenomena for successful fertilization.
  • Internal abnormalities & damages: Internal infections such endometriosis, fibroids and damage to the fallopian tubes or blocks in the cervical canal are also among common causes of infertility in today’s time.

To detect the cause and diagnose female infertility, several measures such as blood tests, laparoscopy, HSG are implemented.  

There are ways to treat low fertility or infertility. Some of the most effective ones are as below –

ART – Popularly known as ART, assistive reproductive technology is one of the most successful ways of putting away infertility. With the help of hormone therapy and fertility drugs, art therapy is implemented. IVF Center in India focus on treatment for pregnancy are well-known, with many celebrities too vouching for this treatment. The egg and the sperm are combined outside the body and then are planted in the uterus for the formation of embryo. Other popular methods include, zygote intrafallopian transfer and intrauterine insemination.

Medical Therapy – This is to assist women with hormonal imbalance that is causing the infertility. Drugs manipulating the processes around ovulation are administered to the patients. For cases which involve unexplained infertility, gonadotrophins are used.

Intrauterine insemination – An invasive procedure that places a small amount of concentrated sperm cells in the ovulation ready uterus, insemination has also seen a lot of success. Another aspect that makes it popular is that it is painless and takes little time to complete.

ZIFT – Fertilised eggs are places in the uterus of the mother after IVF within 24 hours of completion of IVF.

Surrogacy – An option for those who struggle with implantation on the uterine walls, a surrogate mother may just be the solution. Options for the same can be either being inseminated with the sperm from the recipient’s partner or a donor, to full implantation of zygote.

Women’s reproductive health has come a long way since time. And Fortis La Femme is leading the charge, providing good healthcare and infertility treatment to women all across the country.