Traveling for the holidays can be a fun experience, but negligence and lack of preparation can turn the supposed fun and relaxing trip into a disaster. Luckily, with some common sense, enough time and effort, and a “boy scout” attitude, you can substantially improve your safety while traveling during the busy holiday season.

Traveling For The Holidays? 4 Ways To Make Sure You Travel Safely

Perform Vehicle Checkups

Whether you’re traveling by car the entire way or using one to get to the airport, make sure your car is running smoothly. Look at the tire pressure, change oil, flush and change the coolant, and replace the brake fluid. Getting stuck in the middle of the freeway during the holidays because of flat tires or a blown engine is an absolute safety hazard for you and the family. You can skip on the less important parts that are more geared towards aesthetics, such as the paint or coat, upholstery, and dashboard.

Know Your Destination

While the famous adage goes “it’s not about the journey, but the destination”, the latter is equally important. Study your destination well in advance. Research online about places you should be avoiding and those with high crime rates. Know what scams locals try to pull off on naive tourists. Know where important public services are, such as hospitals and local police stations, so that you know where to go in case you need immediate assistance.

Have Important Numbers on Speed Dial

Law enforcement, the hotel you’ll be staying in, and even some local auto stores, such as U Pull & Pay that sell used parts can be important contacts on your phone during a holiday trip. During these busy times of year, businesses are either closed or too busy. Having important numbers saved on your phone beforehand helps you get in touch with the right professionals immediately.

Don’t Attract Too Much Attention

Sure, wear something you only reserve for special occasions, like your favorite pair of plaids or flip flops. Don’t go out wearing something that attracts too much attention, however. Unless absolutely necessary, keep that custom-fit suit and tie and those high-end jewelry away from public eyes. Go for a simpler attire and accessories to match during your travels. This lowers the chances of getting mugged or, worse, physically injured.

These four holiday safety travel tips are only few of the many things you should do. The more time you set aside to make preparations, the safer and more enjoyable your trip will be.