Wanderlust is defined as a strong desire or impulse to travel the world. Over the years I have traveled the world in an attempt to quench this fervent and innate desire to experience a more intimate engagement with exotic cultures. I have been to the Caribbean and Europe several times, but nothing quite compares to the exotic locales of South East Asia.

From tiny Brunei to giant Indonesia, the region of South East Asia is known for its many beaches, lush jungles, and delicious cuisine; and no other land exemplifies the exotic fun and adventurous spirit quite the like the crown jewel of South East Asia, Thailand.

Thailand is a country with a deep history and vibrant culture. The people of Thailand are fun loving, amiable, and very welcoming. One of their favorite ways to greet you is to ask if you have eaten yet. Few lands in my travels have been more hospitable than Thailand.

Bustling cities and beautiful natural reserves await the dynamically oriented vacationers. A holiday week in Bangkok will present you with the opportunity to visit vibrant markets, receive lavish massages, and dine in the most exquisite restaurants. If you are looking for a five-star experience, then Phuket has many of the world’s most luxurious spas. Coral reefs and clear waters await those who TRAVEL to Ko Lipe and the Surin and Similan Islands. Arguably the best beach in the whole of Thailand is Phi Phi Don on the island of Ko Phi Phi; here you will find picturesque white sands and crystalline waters. For a more relaxed holiday stay there is always Ko Samui, which offers a plethora of health and wellness retreats.

Speaking of health and wellness; a little-known fact about the wondrous land of Thailand is that it has become one of the world’s leading travel destinations for getting in shape and achieving good health. Believe it or not, tens of thousands of tourists travel to Thailand each year to train in the many Muay Thai training camps that dot the country. Muay Thai is an exciting and energetic contact sport that has been practiced in Thailand for generations.

The Thai people being the generous folk that they are have opened their doors and with welcoming, arms receive anyone who is interested in coming on holiday with the sole purpose of learning the sport of Muay Thai and getting healthy. Muay Thai provides ample opportunity for good health since it is one of the most physically demanding yet rewarding combat disciplines in the world. By joining one of the many high quality and fully equipped training camps, you will get lean, strong, and develop lightning-quick reflexes. Your cardiovascular health will skyrocket as will your endurance. Learning Muay Thai is not an easy task, but a typical Muay Thai training camp at muaythaiworlds.com has plenty of onsite qualified instructors who will expertly guide you through your journey. Consider going on a fitness holiday, visit Thailand, and enjoy the wonders of the best travel destination in South East Asia.