About Botox

Botox is the first line of defense in a battle against wrinkles. This treatment is simple, quick, painless and effective and takes about 15 to 20 minutes. The results are visible after two days and the full effect is seen after 10 days. Botox is a solution of a substance called a botulinum toxin and although it is a bacterial toxic substance it is very safe for humans if the proper doses are applied and used adequately. That is why the quality of the processed ingredients is very important besides an experienced specialist in this area of expertise. It is based on the fact that this substance is preventing the nerve impulses cross from the fibers to the muscle and prevent the contraction.

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The Use

Botox eliminates the main reason for the appearance of the so called mimic wrinkles. The existing wrinkles completely disappear this way or become much shallower and less noticeable. The most successful and the most common use of Botox can be divided in three main groups:

1. Horizontal wrinkles on the forehead

2. Vertical or oblique wrinkles between the eyebrows

3. Fan-shaped wrinkles in the outer corner of the eyes – noticed while smiling

These wrinkles could be threated separately or together – depending on the patient’s needs. Botox affects the sweat glands reducing their activity in the area of the armpits, palms, groin and feet. In this case the effect is longer lasting and the effect lasts for about a year. The effect of the Botox treatment appears gradually usually after two days and the full effect is visible after seven to ten days. After that it is necessary to have a check-up with the doctor. The effect will last for about 6 months. If the treatments are repeated regularly the mimic activity appears less so the effects become longer every time.

The Botox treatment is a relatively new procedure which was approved in the United States in the year of 2002. The injection procedure takes only a few minutes or twenty minutes tops and it is done by using anesthesia. The cost of Botox injections depend on the treated region and the amount of units treated. For example, a treatment involving the lines on the forehead uses from fifty to eighty units. The most important thing is not trying to save on the procedure and ask about the structure of the injections.

You can illuminate the skin by using illuminators around the cheekbones and the nose and emphasize the glow and bring out the facial features. You can apply a soft layer of translucent powder in order to hide the healthy glow of your face.

The Prevention

Longer exposure in the sun is drying out the skin of you face and causing more wrinkles to appear. For the basic prevention it is recommended to go out on the sun only with the cream lotion. Antirid creams often contain UVA and UVB sun protection factors that protect you from the whole ultraviolet spectrum and they stabilize the vitamin A.