So you are looking for the best treat for you face? There is something exactly for you on the market, the award winning Philips Shaver Series 9000, model 9031/26. True, it is one of the most expensive shavers on the market, but you have to consider your options in the long-run. It has everything you need and moreover, it is a more sustainable choice, since the shaver offers you function to maintain the appliance for longer saving your time and money.

Grip at Its Best

This slim-looking boy that has won design award among others will grant you most accurate and pleasant shaving experience you’ve had. And it is worth mentioning that the design is not just for looks – it gives you more comfort while shaving, the shaver will allow you to hold in the easiest way you want it.

V-Track Precision Blades

Philips Shaver 9000 has unique V-Track Precision Blades which means that it gives you 30% closer cut in fewer strokes, and considering Rotary shavers are believed to be irritating skins more that foil ones this is a new statement in this type. And doesn’t your face deserve the best treatment? This Norelco shaver is also known as the best electric razor for sensitive skin.

New Flexible 8-direction Contour Heads

The heads have new flexible 8-direction Contour Heads, the title tells you it will have high adaptability to your facial curves and dual-blade system will allow you to achieve a close shave, so you’ll look great in the minimal amount of time.

Wet and Dry Functions

Of course the appliance is equipped with Wet and Dry functions, so your shaving habits don’t need to adapt to the shaver and you can shave with your gel or foam allowing your skin to get more comfort. This also means you can wash it fully, so you don’t have to worry on keeping certain parts dry for safety.

SmartClean Function

One of the best things Philips Shaver 9000 offers you is SmartClean function, that will help you keep your shaver in tip top condition at all time with just one click – getting it cleaned, lubricated and charged! This is not just time-saving option, but it allows you to keep your charger bacteria-free and maintained, achieving longer life of the appliance.

Li-Ion Battery & Indicators

Of course the trimmer is of best quality, it is equipped with high-power Li-Ion battery and the indicators that will give you all the information you need on the battery life, cleaning state and head condition. So you don’t need to guess what needs to be done next. The battery can be charged with turbo mode and one hour charge can give you 50 minutes of usage, which is approximately 17 shaves, and considering the characteristics of Li-Ion batteries, this allows you to charge less frequently, avoid over-charges and thus save battery life too.

Eco-Friendliness with Eco-Passport

And for the conscious users, Philips Shaver 9000 demonstrates its Eco-friendliness with its Eco-Passport, giving you all details you need to know about the impact.

We mentioned earlier that the product might be pricey, but it is completely worth it all. Check Philips 1250x/40 review from Instant Grooming and other Philips shaver reviews at Instant Grooming, you will find Philips shavers really deserve the price for the features it is offering.

Considering the ways to keep it maintained and to prolong its life, the fact that head does not need to be changed earlier than two years and the SmartClean function, it could overall be not so pricey solution as it first seems. And considering the needs of your face, maybe saving money short-term is not the goal to set. For more information you can contact Denis, the author of this article.