Now are the days, when mobile phones are used for many purposes other than the basic communication purpose. There is much advancement in the designs of the phones, while the design of a waterproof phone is going quite popular today. 5 of the best waterproof models are given below

1. Xperia Z:

The Smartphone by the Japanese giant Sony has come up with a flagship model for its brand name, Sony Xperia Z. The phone has a 5-inch display that is full HD with a technology making the Smartphone resistant to water and dust. The glass body of the screen is made up of a scratch resistant material.The phone has a powerful 1.5GHz processor backed by a 2GB RAM for fast processing through the apps. The device has an Android OS version 4.1 and comes with an internal memory of 16 GB to store all your important files. The storage capacity of the device can be further expanded with a memory card slot that is capable of holding a 32 GB memory card on it. The handset is tested by submerging it into 1-meter level of water.

Xperia Z

2. Galaxy Xcover2:

A device by Samsung, Galaxy Xcover2, is also a water resistant Smartphone that can be immersed into the water up to a level of 1 meter for a maximum of 30 minutes. The device has a display of 4 inches with a resolution of 480*800 pixels, that also contains a scratch resistant glass. The device is powered by a 1GHz dual core processor supported by a 512MB RAM and has an internal storage capacity of 4GB. The device has an Android OS installed in it and is powered by a battery of 1700 mAh capacity.

Galaxy Xcover2

3. HTC Butterfly:

A style icon by the company HTC, the butterfly comes with a 5 inch sized display with a design of the future. The device has a powerful 1.5 GHz quad core processor that is backed by a 2GB RAM and has a high quality camera of 8 MP at the rear end and a 2 MP camera on the front side. This device is also a part of the top 5 best Smartphones in the list of waterproof devices.

HTC Butterfly

4. Xperia ZR:

An extension to the flagship model of the Japanese mobile manufacturing company is the Xperia ZR, which is also a water resistant model and has been tested by the manufacturers by immersing it in pure water up to the 1-meter level for about 30 minutes. The phone comes with an advanced technology that allows the user to click photographs when under water and it even allows the user to record a 720p quality video when under water. The device has a 1.5GHz powerful quad core processor, while the main attraction to it is its 13MP camera capable of recording 1080p videos.


5. Galaxy S4 Active:

A rugged variant of the flagship model, Galaxy S4 by Samsung is also a part of the best Smartphones that are waterproof. The device features a 1.9GHz super power processor backed by a 2B RAM. With an 8MP rear and 2P front camera, the device has a 16GB inbuilt memory expandable up to 64GB with a memory card.


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