The first successful British settlement was at what is now called Jamestown, Virginia. The settlement was founded in 1607. Those settlers resided in shelters that were similar to Indian wig-wam. By the mid 1700’s, many English settlers resided in the area of the country that we now call New England. By that time, there were established settlements with wood framed buildings, and that is when the first New England sheds began to be built. The sheds were used by both farmers and fishermen. They were mainly used to store the tools of their trades.

New England Sheds
New England Sheds

The Sheds Style

The original sheds were built in the same style as the settlers homes. In fact, they were built next to the homes and they looked like miniatures. The sheds were broad framed and low slung. They all had steeply pitched tiled roofs so that the snow and rain would slide off. The frames and sidings were made from whatever wood that was available. It was important for these structures to be durable, so they were designed to withstand the volatile and seasonal weather of New England.

Current Day New England Sheds

New England Sheds can now be seen throughout the United States. The current day New England sheds are expected to meet the same tough standards as the original sheds. They must be strong, durable, weatherproof and long lasting. The most common type of New England shed is called a Cape Cod shed. These sheds come in many sizes and styles. These sheds have a wide variety uses. For instance New England style sheds are used as garages, storage bins, home offices, workshops, hobby shops back yard man caves and more.

New England sheds are generally constructed out of three types of materials, metal, plastic or wood. Metal and plastic are strong, durable and lightweight. Wood is often used in smaller sheds, unfortunately in rainy climates it can vulnerable to rot. Sheds come in many sizes, shapes and styles, and that is why it is important to know exactly how a shed will be used before it is constructed. The purpose for which you use the shed will determine the size the strength and the type of base that you will need to lay.

Types of New England Sheds

There are three main types of sheds, domestic, specific use and industrial. Domestic sheds are commonly used by homeowners that need storage room or a workshop or perhaps a place to park lawn maintenance vehicles. Domestic sheds are relatively inexpensive and while most individuals pay a contractor to build them, home improvement stores sell prefabricated shed kits. Most domestic sheds are stand alone structures, but occasionally they are built right into the corner of the home owner’s house.

A specific use shed is as the name suggest, designed with a specific purpose in mind. These types of sheds are generally custom made. For example, it might have specially designed doors or a shaded porch or any number of special features.

Industrial Sheds are typically used to store large vehicles, raw materials or for factories. Industrial sheds are custom made, and there is no limit to how large they can be built.