Going out on a holiday trip is one of the most rejuvenating activities in life. It revives your spirit and sharpens your brain. But it is also a risky time where, if not careful, you would counteract some of the most dreaded communicable and lifestyle diseases because of unhealthy eating or body inactivity. This article will guide you on things that you should do to avoid diseases when travelling

Plan your Trip in Advance

Proper planning is key in maintaining your health during a trip. Plan the number of days you will be travelling, the amount of food and water you will carry, the play kits you will require to stay active and the vaccine injections you may have to take to avoid tropical disease.

Keep Clean

Wash your hands with water and soap after visiting the toilet and before eating. In case you do not have water, you could carry Sanitizers to wipe your hands every time you need to clean the hands.

Avoid Substances that could Over-stimulate you

Reduce the amount of coffee, alcohol and cigarettes you take to reduce the caffeine intake in your body. Take minimal amount of sugar in your tea.

Tips To Stay Fit While Travelling

Avoid Dehydration

Long flights or road trips are dehydrating. You need to keep dehydration at bay at all costs. You could do this by carrying lots of water in your travelling bag. If you are driving, find stalls where you can buy clean water. You could also locate taps and draw water from them. But before drinking, make sure that the water is treated and boiled. This way, you will be avoiding water-borne diseases such as cholera and dysentery.


Avoid a sedentary lifestyle. During long flights, you could get a blood clot in your leg for being inactive. Avoid this by taking hourly short walks. You could also flex your ankles and chair squats when seated. Once you get to your travel destination, adopt healthy lifestyle behaviors such as biking and swimming in cheap public pools. The hotel that you are staying in could also have a fitness gym. Enroll in it and follow the rules given to you by the gym instructor.


Meditation has been found to reduce stress and occurrences of depression. Have regular meditation programs to sharpen your mental abilities during the trip.

Take enough Food

Take lots of healthy food with you avoid fasting at all costs by stopping at food joints for a snack. Avoid the temptation of eating yourself sick with calorie and cholesterol laden fat foods. You may add more weight or get high blood pressure during your trip which is not interested in a trip.

Safe Sex

You could contract dangerous sexually transmitted diseases like genital warts, herpes and HIV during your trip. To avoid this, avoid exposure by always wearing condoms when having sex with multiple partners during your trip.

Be Flexible and Adaptable

In case of mishaps like delayed flights, faulty engines and punctured cars, avoid getting tensed up and aggressive. During such moments, catch up on those calls that you have been putting off, unanswered emails or unwritten blog-posts you were supposed to work on Enough sleep Fitful sleep is important in keeping healthy during your trip.


Avoid over-crowded places since you could contract air-borne diseases like whooping cough and TB in such places. So it is good to travel in well ventilated public service vehicles and watch plays in well aerated theatre halls.

Once all have organized each and everything that you will need for the trip. It is time to apply to an Esta so that you can travel to the most exciting travel destinations in the world.