An organized closet is the key to happiness, or so it would feel to anyone who has ever opened their cupboard only to be faced with a mountain of clothes. When we fail to organize our clothes we are doing ourselves a disservice since half the process of putting together an outfit is being able to see exactly what you own. If you can’t see it, you may forget that you even own it. Out of sight, out of mind is applicable to a messy closet. So, here are some tips that the professionals use when organizing their closets.

Tips To Organize Your Closet Like A Pro

Display and Decide

This is the first step to getting your closet looking organized. Take each and every item that you have kept in your closet and display it in one place. Now look at each item, giving each piece some thought, and if you haven’t used that item in the past one year, it’s time to donate it. A year is a long enough time to know if you will wear something or not. Sometimes we make impulses purchases only to regret our decisions, leading to a brand new top lying in the back of the closet somewhere, never to be worn. It’s best to donate such items to someone who actually needs them or you could even try selling them online.

A Place For Everything

Your closet is for storing your clothes, shoes, bags and accessories. Nothing else. Over time, when we avoid cleaning out the closet we tend to throw all types of objects in this space, including items such as linen, decoration items and even stationary. Take out anything that doesn’t belong in the closet and return it to its rightful place. You may be surprised by how much space this will free up.

Match Hangers

An extremely easy way to make your closet look chic and organized is to invest in only one or two types of hangers. The best options would be plastic and wooden hangers. Plastic hangers are perfect for hanging almost any type of clothing while wooden hangers should be used for more fancy clothes such as blazers which retain their shape better on wooden hangers.

Organize by Type And Color

To make your life so much easier, organize all your clothes by category. All your trousers go in one place, all formal shirts should be placed together and every pencil skirt sits together. Doing this makes ensures that you are aware of every single item that you own.

According to Tracy McCubbin, owner of a company that helps people declutter, when you are unable to find what you own, you usually go out and buy more clothes. This only adds to your growing pile of clutter and unused clothes. While sorting clothes by category, go ahead and also sort by color. This will also save you hours of searching when getting ready in the morning.

Old Is Not Gold

As difficult as it may be to get rid of your most treasured possessions from the closet, if that item has been worn beyond repair, it needs to be tossed. This means letting go of anything that cannot be salvaged, whether its your favorite pair of jeans that are coming apart, your beloved tee shirt that has a sizeable amount of holes in it or your favorite silk blouse which has been with you for twenty years or more. Sometimes, the items we love the most are the ones in the worst condition. Do yourself a favor and get rid of anything that looks torn or damaged.

Don’t Forget To Clean

While the aim of organizing your closet is to get your clothes in order, don’t forget to actually clean the closet space in the process. Give the surfaces a good wipe, vacuum or mop the floors and scrub clean the closet walls. It’s not often that you are faced with an empty closet.


A closet doesn’t always have to be completely full up. A little bit of space will be a calming factor when you look at your closet every day. An empty space is a symbol for no clutter and will certainly have a calming effect on anyone looking at it. By leaving some clear space you are making it easier to digest the items that are already in the closet.

With a little bit of careful planning and execution, you can completely transform your closet to make it work for you. Organizing your closet will help you to avoid wasting time and money buying items you don’t need, while also helping you to get rid of items that you don’t use. Try and organize your closet every so often for a beautifully organized space that houses all your clothes.