That’s so great that you are fond of traveling. You go from country to country hunting for fresh emotions. Do you have enough budgets for a car trip? Sixt car rental in Toronto offers the best and convenient cars for traveling through Canada. The car can be really necessary here. Traveling on budget or backpacking often makes you minimalistic. Whenever you go, through monsoons, snow, ice, and jungles, you are what you have in your backpack. Of course, 16 pairs of socks are never be needless but they cannot warm you up at a cold weather. Let’s make up a list of travel gear you need to pack.

Minimalist Packing List



  1. If you have doubts, leave it

Of course, it’s all about packing! Having doubts about a spare pair of socks or a T-shirt, it is better to leave it at home. The more the better doesn’t work here. Actually, if you are need something on the go, you can find it in the nearest shop. You are not going to a desert island, are you?

  1. Buy high-quality travel gear

Every time you are going to buy cheap travel equipment or clothes, you’d better stop and think. You don’t really need a low-quality shoes or telephone charger. This kind of cheap gear doesn’t live long and you will have to buy a new clothes item or instrument soon. If you really want to try yourself in traveling, you’d better buy high quality gear but in small amounts. Later, you can add more items to your gear list.

  1. Pick cross functional items

It is better to pick neutral styles and colors of your clothes to mix different looks easily. It is really space-saving. You don’t need a pack of jeans different colors for every life occasion. You don’t have enough space in your backpack. Just take neutral clothes of different styles which are easily combined and replaced. Also, your clothes must be comfortable.

  1. Think of your comfort

Whenever you go, it is more pleasant to travel in a comfortable environment. Traveling by car, try to equip it in the best way, using different up-to-date gadgets like GPS, hot seat, car charger, mini vacuum cleaner, and others. If you go camping, you should think of your comfort and equip your car with necessary elements.




Choosing a backpack, pay attention to its size and quality. It really means much. What’s the difference? Having a large backpack you can take more different things with you, but it will be heavy. If your backpack is small, you should think twice before back something in. Going for a trip, it is better to keep your stuff as a hand-luggage. Why? You can avoid waiting in a long line and a baggage carousel.

Coded lock

Are you planning to leave your backpack in the hotel or hostel room? Not every hostel has a lock box for your valuables. Also, it would be great to lock your valise and sleep well. Therefore, coded lockboxes are needed whether you leave your stuff in the car or in the hotel.

Backpack zippers



Don’t forget your shorts, T-shirts, socks, and everything that makes up your casual look. Speaking about jeans, they are specially created to make your touristic life easier. You can find jeans for a hot or cold climate. Honestly, you can hardly find something more comfortable for traveling than jeans. Wear your jeans with a T-shirt on a hot day, or warm sweater at a rainy or cold weather. Of course, jeans are kind of bulky baggage which needs some space in your backpack.

Brunette putting sunscreen on her shoulder


Shoes and Accessories

  • Slides

You need them 90% of your time. They are good for hot countries and take no space in your luggage. Also, they cost little money.

  • Timberlands

The biggest problem of all tourists is buying a good pair of shoes. It can be not an easy task to do! You need shoes to be good in sport, cycling, walking, driving a car, running, washing. Water resistant and extremely comfortable – you need them! You should try Chukka shoes, Timberlands. They meet all your requirements.

  • Scarf

It can be a light and flowing scarf for a hot country or a scarf-blanket which you can use for picnic, as a towel or even a mask.

  • Cap

Of course, if you have a scarf, you can use it as a cap. Nevertheless, a cap can be rather stylish and modern piece of art on your head. Try it.

  • Glasses

Sunglasses are what you always need. This small object can be easily lost in your bag or on the way. You should buy a couple of them. By the way, low quality glasses cannot protect your eyes from sun.

Cute Sunglasses!


The list should be added by different things that are important for you. But don’t make your list too long! You are minimalist and you need to pack your backpack. Think how you will feel when carry a heavy backpack to the nearest cafe to take some coffee with new friends.