Divorce is difficult for everyone, but it’s especially hard for children. The stress of a divorce on a child can be profound, especially for ones who are worried that they’re somehow to blame. Should you be going through a divorce, you need to be there for your kids. Here are some tips on how to help your kids through a divorce.

Let Them Know It’s Not Their Fault

Divorce is never the fault of children. Even if you know that you would never blame your children for your divorce, they might not realize that. Tell them that what happened is just between you and their other parent. They should know that both of you love them and will work together for their sake. If necessary, you might seek family therapy services to help your children out.

Let Them Speak

Your children will have a lot of thoughts and feelings going on. They might not know how to process them, but you can definitely help. When talking about the divorce with them, make sure that they’re given a chance to speak. They should say what’s on their minds, and you should ask if there’s anything you can do to make things better.

Don’t Badmouth Your Ex

You might have some strongly negative feelings towards your former spouse, but you should keep them to yourself, especially around your children. Even if you couldn’t get along with your former spouse, it doesn’t mean you should sully their reputation around your children. Sometimes, you’ll want to blow off steam, but there are more appropriate times to do it. When speaking with a lawyer such as Kelm & Reuter, P.A., for instance, you can explain some of the stress and aggravation they caused you.

Give Them Attention

Spending time with your kids during a divorce is a great way to bond and relieve stress. It can be easy to want to hide out, but that won’t help anyone, especially not your kids. Think of activities that you and your children can enjoy together. This could be going on a trip with them, reading together, or seeing movies. The divorce might stay on your minds for a while, but this can make it easier to bear.

While divorce is difficult, it’s much better than prolonging an unhappy union. Speak with your kids about what’s going on as honestly as you can, and encourage them to share their thoughts. Acknowledging the pains of divorce might seem tough, but it will help you and your kids through this time.