It can at times be very challenging to walk into a gym filled with muscle-baring men when you are the only one with a smaller frame. However, unlike women who often lose self-esteem over how small their friend’s frames are, men get naturally competitive and aspire to become the bigger and better of the bunch. The challenge, however, lies in “how” to accomplish this is not rocket science. We have compiled the top 5 simple and proven ways to get your muscles toned up.


Training experts will always recommend that those who want to lose weight expend more energy than they take in. It should therefore not be surprising that they would advise a higher calorie intake for people who want to increase body mass. Your diet should mainly be composed of energy giving and high protein foods. Carbohydrates will give you enough energy to push your body past the limits while proteins would be responsible for building up your muscles. Since a lot of muscle tear happens during workouts, having a high protein diet helps in your muscles’ regeneration and sets them up for toning through exercise.

Things To Consider For Being Healthy


Studies have shown that a lack of sleep may lead to weight gain. This is the last thing that should happen to someone who wants to improve their overall muscle volume. Training experts therefore recommend that both the bigger body mass aspirant and the weight watcher get the recommended eight hours of sleep per day for best results.

Heavier Workouts

Most of the people training to improve their muscle volume like to use circuits because it improves blood flow. It is however advisable to increase the number of workouts as well as add heavy lifting into your training regimen. You can do this by adding the number of reps or increasing your overall lifting weights. It boosts the release of testosterone in the body, which ultimately leads to a higher muscle definition. You should also make sure you include multi joint exercises to your routine. They are the most powerful way to increase bulk in your muscles. Pay special attention to back exercises too.


Most people don’t know it, but exercising your legs is one of the best ways to build overall body mass. This can be done by including squats and dead-lifts. In addition to increasing strength in your legs, you will be able to increase and improve your overall muscle volume and strength.

Avoid Stress

Everyone knows that stress can negatively impact weight training. Since these kind of body building exercises can sometimes be very dangerous, especially when done at home, make sure to avoid accidents or injuries that may occur in training.

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