1.Try to do some Adventurous:

No matter you join the student union or hang out with friends, do something healthy and adventurous in your spare time.  Release your creativity and make some new friends.

2.Go Outside:

Don’t stay at home all day, leave your books and bed, go outside for the party and picnic. Design a road trip through campervan hire sydney is a good idea. Call your friends to explore the city and town. Whatever you do, try to get rid of your study.

3.Keep your Room Clean:

If you live in a dirty room, most of time you may not be happy. So clean your desk and clutter, fold the quilt well to ensure you have a nice room. It is not difficult to do that and it will change your attitude to life.

4.Relax when you Rest:

Take a rest when you free, watch some movies, read some books, meet some friends or even make some cakes.

5.It Takes Time to Find your Own Path:

You probably won’t find the right major that you are really interested at the first years of university, you maybe not interesting in all kinds of extracurricular activities and expecting for completely new look. Although people always say university it is a journey of self-discovery, your journey will not be end until you graduate. So take it easy and don’t give up.

6.Learns to be Independent:

One of the most important things of life of university is you should learns to be independent as you leave your family. You can do something that shows you are ability to live independent.

7.Realize your Downsides and Try to Fix It:

We all have some disadvantages, maybe you are not good at deal with money or have Choice Phobia Disorder. At university, try your best to fix your downsides and habits and make yourself happier and perfect.

8.Pull Yourself Out of Failures as Soon as Possible:

If you join some associations and failure, certainly you will be sad, but you should cheer up and try another one. University associations is full of competitive, don’t expect for every job you apply for will choose you. Try to find plan B.

9.Eat Well:

Replenish energy for your body. If you can eat well and right every meals, you will be effective through your busy schoolwork.