To these irritating critters, no one is immune because they do not discriminate are known as bed bugs. Due to their flat bodies, they can invade any place whether it is a crack or crevice, mattress or furniture, desk, photo frames, cupboards, linen, and carpets. They have an affinity to warm places like mattresses. The cracks of the doorways, shelving units, dress drawers, and other quarters fit for concealing into. They are not responsible for spreading any disease, but they make bites that leave behind red itchy areas, allergies, and reactions.  It is not possible to sleep in that condition. Due to scratching breaks are caused on the skin that could lead to infections. Bed bugs can even cause anaphylactic shock in case of severe conditions. Some remedies are given below to get rid of bedbugs.

 Beware Of A Nocturnal Attack

  • Use of Mint Leaves

Among the home remedies, the use of mint leaves to keep the bed bugs at bay is the leading one. By the use of mint leaves you can bar the ingress of bed bugs in your house. It serves as an effective repellent that keeps bed bugs away. Crush some mint leaves and spread them around the sleeping area or in the cradle of small children. Put a dried packet of mint leaves in between mattresses and linen to repel the pesky creatures. This will help to have the smell for a long period and keep the bedbugs away.

  • Black Walnut Tea Remedy

It is an efficacious herb that can be put to use as an insecticide and can work as a repellent against the bed bugs. You can spread it or leave its tea bags on the affected area that could include creases of mattresses, room, closet area, and an interior area. It has antifungal and antibacterial properties which bring bugs out of their hiding spaces and kills them effectively. Due to its insecticidal properties, the black walnut fights against the onslaught of bugs.

Moreover, get ready a herbal bag by mixing three parts of black walnut and 1 part of lavender, two parts of sweet flag, 1 part of mint, and three parts of thyme. By the aroma or smell of these herbs bed, bugs leave the area as it acts as a repellent.

  • Beauveria bassiana Treatment

It is a fungus and is thought to act as a natural insecticide. It fights against the bugs and destroys them within three to five days. As is considered that it possesses pre-lethal effects that include minimum fertility, feeding, and mobility. It disables the bugs by acting as a parasite on them.

  • Lemongrass

By the use of lemongrass, you can kill bed bugs and destroy their eggs because it enhances the acidic condition of the bug from inside. It is unbearable for bugs to withstand odor of lemongrass and consequently destroys them.

  • Clove

Acidic pH value and the pungent smell of the clove upset the existence of the bugs because they cannot tolerate such acidic condition. Expose your items like mattresses, pillows to the clove and the bed bugs will never come to them.