Group of puppies purebred dogs on a table

LOS ANGELES, CA — Living in an apartment doesn’t have to mean that you can’t have a furry companion. Unfortunately, the truth is that many landlords don’t want pets in apartments while others only accept small dogs or cats. The professionals at the Local Records Office in Los Angeles, California created a list of low-maintenance pets to have at an apartment or condo.

These pets are great for renters who don’t like chasing after dogs or cats, because the last thing you want to do is sneak your pet into your apartment.

#1 – Parakeet

The parakeet is a common pet many people have, it’s small, it whistles tunes, but it’s not loud enough to bother the next-door neighbors. Parakeets tend to get along with small children and other pets. 

While larger birds tend to need more attention and get out the cage for a few hours, the parakeet can fly inside a large cage, it doesn’t get any more apartment-friendly than a parakeet.

#2 – Betta Fish

Betta fish are also known as Siamese fighting fish is one of the easy to care for pets on this list. Betta fish don’t require complicated or expensive tank setups. This fish only requires a good size fishbowl. The fish can survive in a fishbowl of one or two feet long. You can even have a few fish’s in the same bowl.

#3 – Snakes

Many people don’t have snakes because they tend to be scary and unpredictable. What makes snakes a perfect pet for apartment renters is that they have along life span and they can be left alone for many days as long as they feed constantly. 

Make sure not to have other pets when owning a snake. Snakes tend to bump heads with cats and dogs, you don’t want to come home one day and your pet snake is squeezing your other pet. 

Snakes like to eat mice and other rodents. These pets keep to themselves and are quiet.

#4 – Gecko

We’ve all seen the talking gecko in the popular GEICO Car Insurance commercials. After the rise of this insurance company, there was a high demand for geckos at pet stores. 

Geckos are known to be calm and shy, as long as they have a warm area they will hang out in the same spot for hours. 

One benefit of having a gecko as a pet is that they will eat insects like roaches, large mosquitos, worms, crickets, and spiders when you sleep. This pet can be an insect catcher and a friend at the same time.

#5 – Hamsters

Hamsters are popular amongst kids and they make a great low-maintenance pet. Hamsters make a great alternative for a cat or dog, these rodents keep busy by running around, jumping on couches, playing with kids and tunneling in shredded paper. 

Hamsters make a great pet because food is cheap and affordable. Cheese, pellets, water, and fruit are sold almost everywhere. These pets only need a little bit of space to survive.

#6 – Rabbits

Rabbits are known for being adorable and cute and just like hamsters food is available almost in every store and is also affordable. Rabbits like to run around and great with kids. A rabbit’s teeth never stop growing. 


Pets are great to teach kids about responsibility and love. The pros at the Local Records Office suggest these pets for low-maintenance companionship for renters of all types.