Oil less air compression is air compression chambers that don’t use oil in any part of the machine that comes into contact with the air that is compressed. These are generally louder and vibrate more than lubricated units. The following are some of the best benefits the oil-less air compressors can offer:

Cleaner Air

They don’t have any lubrication inside the combustion chamber or in the air chamber and so it means that no oil ever comes in contact with the air. Some systems that use oil mix the air and oil particles together to make the necessary pressure. The air is typically sent through a filter, but the oil molecules are not removed. This leaves trace amounts of oils in the air, which can result in problems for sensitive fields like in scientific or medical applications. The oil free compressors have none of these problems.

Cleaner Air Lines

One of the common problems that often occur with oiled compression units is that the air lines get clogged with excessive oil and contaminants. This occurs gradually over time, but once it occurs, the lines must be replaced. It is often expensive and time-consuming. Oil-less air compressors will not get clogged with oil because they do not use oil in any conjunction with air pressure or the air lines. This lack of maintenance is one of the biggest advantages with using oil-less air compression system.

No Filters

It uses filters to get rid of particles of oil from the air when it leaves the compression chamber. You have to replace these filters every few months. The cost of replacing these filters can easily add up and also the rate of the labor to remove the old filters and change them with new filters. But oil-less compression units do not have this problem.


Oil-less compression systems are cost-effective than the oil compression units and this factor plays an important role to having your own system. If the system is well taken care of, the lower price will not be counteracted by high maintenance fees.


Based on the study of Robert N. Littman, author of the book “Oil Free vs Oil Less vs Filtration with Lubricated Air Compressor,” oil-less compression systems are known to be more efficient than oiled systems. This is largely due to the fact that oiled systems must exhaust the extra energy to filter the oil from the air.