If you want to keep up with the trends, there’s more you need to concern yourself with than just wearing the right ensembles and listening to the right music. When it comes to cuisine, people who are obsessed with the latest food trends – oftentimes known as “foodies” – set the pace for what’s in and out in the world of food. If you want to be an in vogue eater, then incorporate these five food trends into your eating routines.

Frozen Yogurt Stores

Forget going out for ice cream. The new trend is definitely frozen yogurt stores, where customers can create their own yummy deserts by selecting a frozen yogurt flavor and then help themselves to myriad toppings from a topping bar. This is also a great opportunity for entrepreneurs, with more and more people searching for information on franchising a frozen yogurt store. Those who are looking for a yummy business would be wise to consider a frozen yogurt franchise.

Gluten-Free Everything

More and more people are figuring out that they are intolerant to gluten, which is found in bread, crackers and any food items made from flour. Even if they aren’t actually gluten intolerant, the popularity of low-carb diets like the Paleo diet have prompted more and more people to say no to the bread basket.


It seems like the bacon trend will never end. Bacon isn’t just a side dish to be served with morning eggs anymore, either. People are experimenting with everything from bacon milkshakes to bacon pancakes.

The Top Five Food Trends that Are Poping Up Everywhere

Green Smoothies

A fun way to give a smoothie an extra health boost is by adding kale or spinach. This might sound gross in theory, but it’s actually delicious. The flavor of the fruit or yogurt in the smoothie completely masks the taste of leafy greens, making this a great way to add extra veggies to your diet.

Almond Milk

Forget about soy. The new craze is almond milk. This delicious vegan treat is great with cereal or as a substitution for cow’s milk in blended coffee drinks or shakes. Even if you aren’t a vegan, this healthy drink is a great way to cut calories in your meals.

If you haven’t been adventurous with food in the past, now is a great time to try some of these fun food trends. It might take you a while to find what you love, but experimenting with new flavors and treats is a huge part of the fun.