The businesses making use of Instagram for the purpose of product or service promotion now have a good option to market their offerings to a large number of target customers. With the support of Facebook, Instagram, today, has launched its product advertising platform, which is integrated with Facebook’s targeting capabilities and almost all businesses today are taking the utmost advantage of the same. They know that their users are constantly keeping an eye on their product or service feeds. This is why Instagrammers are about 2.5 times more likely to click on the newsfeed ads than any other ads on other social media platforms.

Till date, Instagram ads have successfully generated over half a billion in terms of revenue and this year it is all set to double this amount, which proves that many of the business owners, these days, are investing their money in Instagram advertisements.

4 Tips To Follow From Time-to-time

Here are some tips that you need to consider prior to running ads on Instagram for the purpose of the growth of your business, engaging followers or attracting the target audience and getting real Instagram likes.

# Do justice to the basics– Ensure filling up your business profile, as well as, your business’s Instagram account bio properly. You need to use a crisp and clear version of your business’s logo as the profile picture.

# Let the users know the reason of your presence on Instagram– As this is your company’s account, you need to make sure to limit it to the professional extent only, i.e., keep away from linking anything personal to it. Help the users to easily identify your company and don’t make it appear too cheesy.

# Plan strategically– Plan your Instagram, as well as, other social media promotions strategically. Adhere to the calendar for the implementation of the strategies from time-to-time, as this will help you to reach your desired goal. Remember that businesses that don’t restrict to a proper planning are the ones that fail on the social media platform.

# Don’t make hashtags your voice– Instead; you need to lend the voice of your business to the hashtags. Get the hashtags customized for meeting your branding purposes and make sure to keep them searchable and relevant. Though it is good to use hashtags, don’t fill your posts with too many of them. Delivering quality over quantity is the moto you have to follow.

Along with following these tips, forget not to upgrade your profile on a timely basis. These, if done properly, will help your business to flourish.