The Digital age of today has provided a platform for all mediums to shine with full glory. It is the age of Information and it manifests in many forms. Gone are the days when long pieces of articles were the sole source of knowledge. These days every one refers more to the internet than the local city library.

Life has become so fast paced that , people have to gulp down a bowl of information in a matter of seconds. Therefore, it is often not feasible for people to sit and go through a 1000-2000 word article daily to absorb the info.

The speed of life has always played a direct role on the size and nature of content, as well as many other things since time immemorial. Infographics, How-Tos, Tutorials, and short Web 2.0 type of articles and posts became popular post the article age, as information was provided in fewer words and far more easier forms of conveyance.

Rise of a New Power

Now a days a new power is rising on the blogging front. Vlogging! Video Blogs, commonly known as ‘Vlogs’ are now being used by more and more people to deliver content in the visual form. Many Websites that use video as their primary medium such as Youtube, Vimeo etc. are empowering upcoming vloggers to host channels where they present their topics, themes, and content via their personal podcasts, interviews, digi-reviews or just simply talking about stuff as a piece-to-camera.

Although the traditional form of content sharing is still predominant in the overall scene, but it wouldn’t be long before Vloggers push their boundaries and gain the edge. Here is why Video Blogging stands to topple the traditional content fortress.

1. Presentation

A video is essentially a motion visual of you or anything that you want to talk about accompanied with the audio of your oration alongside background music and additional SFX that may or may not pertain to your subject matter and your presentation skill. In short, the audience is getting a much fuller and immersible experience from a 5-minute video blog about say, the latest gaming technology or gadget or even film, than they can receive from a written piece of article.

Also, the presentation style of a video, if done right, will almost always be better than the best piece of content ever written.

The Rise Of The Vlogger Why Vlog Is A Force To Be Reckoned With

2. Larger Audience

Videos tend to transcend language barriers, thereby attracting more viewers than a written piece of content would. A video in Spanish, Finnish or any other language can easily be accompanied by subtitles so that non Spanish or Finnish speakers can also view and comprehend the contents of the video. Whereas a written content in a particular language would only attract and help the native speakers and those who can understand that particular language; hence less number of audience.

Also, there are various topics that tend to involve a lot of detailed research and analysis in their subject. These can be covered and summarized in a more attractive and comprehensible through vaious animations and visual elements in a video than in content. This also aids in attracting more viewers to a video than the written content.

3. Record, Edit, Upload

All you need to vlog is a camera that can record videos and a theme or topic you can or want to talk about. After the capturing, all you need to do is edit out the rough parts and clean out the entire video as per your needs, do a little touch up as per your taste and voilĂ , you’re set to roll.

Although video editing may seem overwhelming at first, but once you get the basics, you can literally do anything and everything with it. Besides that, the frontier that vlogging holds is far more strong and promising than text blogging given the current trend. So, if I were you, I’d start polishing my video editing skills right away.

4. PR & Marketing

As stated earlier, videos tend to draw a lot more viewers than written contents, therefore it is much more easier to promote brands and ideas via video platform than Text. Search Engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing have recently started laying stress on videos. Therefore, it is advisable to play around with video platform in order to promote brands, ideas as well as other things that fancy your imagination.

People are more likely to be drawn to a 2 minute video of a topic rather than sit through a 5 minute read-time of an article of the same topic. Video is the way to go.


With the onset of 2015, I am certain that Vlogging will gather pace and towards the end of the following years, it might even topple down the text based content with its versatile presentation, cutting edge, time-effective style and engagement.

However, Having said that I do not meant to interpret that text blogging would be lost anytime soon. It will have its place for sure, but its quantity and viability rate would decline.

This article is written in collaboration with Mattan, Founder and CEO ofWebitMD.