Technology is a remarkable tool that affects our everyday lives, from small conveniences to putting the best educational tools in the hands of students. While technology allows for many modern conveniences and advances in the lives of all ages, it also has some downsides such as cyber-attacks. Let’s take a closer look at some pros and cons that we face with technology today in our connected world.

The Pros of Technology

Computers, tablets, and mobile phones with internet access can be found in almost every household, classroom, and business. Around 70 percent of US homes have access to the internet, and libraries often provide free internet access for local residents. It is clear that technology and the internet are a benefit for just about everyone.

 Convenience in Life

Computer access for almost everyone has changed the way that we communicate and saves time. Whether you are sending a birthday greeting or paying bills, it can be done quickly and easily online. New patient paperwork for a doctor’s appointment is often available online, which can reduce time taken off work and in the waiting room. Freelance workers and even full-time employees can sometimes work entirely from the comfort of home with the right equipment.

 Support in Business

The internet and dynamic software have revolutionized the business world in just decades. Business communications and transactions around the world are made much easier using modern technology. Industry-specific use of technology has led to new discoveries and advances in many fields. In the medical field, augmented reality is helping surgeons to prepare better for precise procedures, and 3D printers are creating outstanding prosthetics, medications, and even living tissue. Patients and their families benefit from technology such as alerts on a hospitalized family member’s status, online appointment setting, and medical records being electronically transferred.

 Tech in Education

Students today are more likely to charge their school-issued smart tablet than sharpen a pencil to prepare for the next school day. Schools are increasingly incorporating hands-on technology in and out of the classroom. Students often learn software skills and have access to information on the internet for projects and research papers. Teachers keep students engaged in class by creating visual presentations on computers. Colleges are starting to offer students more courses and degree programs that can be completed online.

Entertainment on-the-go

Devices that connect to the internet provide all the entertainment that you could want. On your computer, you can browse the internet, listen to music, stream movies, play video games, and talk to friends who live anywhere. Streaming services have greatly reduced the need to buy DVDs and CDs, while cellphones and chat apps have eliminated the need for a landline phone with long-distance services. Consumers benefit in this situation by typically saving money by using these services.

 The Cons of Technology

As is true with almost anything, there are downsides with technology. Any time you log on, you might not realize that there are certain threats and issues that you should know about and avoid. There are privacy and security risks that require safety precautions. Technology in our personal lives can interfere with our relationships, and overusing computers can have physical effects.

 Cyber Criminals

Safety should be on your mind any time you use the internet. Theft of personal information and destruction of files can happen if you encounter a computer virus, spyware, or malware, all of which are constantly evolving. Avoid sharing personal information, and never save passwords online. Monitor children using the internet to prevent online criminals from taking advantage of them.

Cyber security professionals are their own variety of everyday hero by preventing cybercrime. If you have an interest in a career in cyber security, you should consider Maryville’s online master’s in cyber security degree. Educating yourself in the world of cyber security is both interesting and personally useful.

Computers and Your Health

No matter what device keeps you connected, sitting for long periods while using a screen can cause health issues such as carpal tunnel syndrome, back pain, and eye strain. Users can combat these issues by using proper posture and taking breaks. Reduce screen brightness to prevent eye strain. If you experience issues related to using the computer, see a doctor promptly. Also, be aware of issues such as internet addiction, and pay attention to the amount of time that you and loved ones spend using technology instead of interacting in person.

Overall, technology improves our lives and makes life convenient. Technological advances in professional fields have allowed for improved processes and medical treatments. Students and teachers benefit from technology in and out of the classroom. Computers and the internet provide a variety of entertainment for all ages. Despite all the benefits that technology provides, users have to watch out for cyber criminals and the health risks associated with logging on. Be informed about safety online so that you and your family can enjoy without worry.