There’s a lot of talk about alternative energy sources lately, with many in the scientific community urging that we switch to technology like solar power in the near future. If this comes to pass, homeowners will inevitably be asking what that will mean for them. The majority of energy produced in the United States at this point in time comes from fossil fuels, so what would a change to solar energy be like in our everyday lives?

The Power Of The Sun: Why You Should Be Taking Your Home Solar

Fortunately, there are already ways to test this out. In fact, it’s likely the best option you can take for saving money and helping the planet in your personal life. Let’s explore why converting your home to solar might be a good idea for you.


Solar power is the cheapest form of energy in several parts of the world and will likely be that way in America within the next ten years. Even now, solar is impressively low cost despite coal still being the cheapest option for power production. Switching to a solar grid now, while expensive at first, would help you save money in the long run.


By its very nature, solar energy is as dependable as the sun in the sky. As long as the sun is shining, you’ll be afforded an unlimited source of power. Issues may arise during cloudy days or nighttime, but solar batteries are adept at storing power. Companies like Renogy offer solar batteries with 100 watt capacities, enough to power appliances and electronics for several hours after being fully charged. With this in mind, inclement weather is not as big an issue for solar as some would believe.

Environmental Effects

A single coal plant can generate an average of 3.5 million tons of carbon dioxide per year, making them one of the leading causes of climate change around the world. By contrast, solar energy produces no emissions whatsoever. While there are certain problems related to utilizing solar power, the rate of emissions produced along the way is only a fraction of that produced by coal and natural gas. This means it is an overall better decision to switch to solar when taking the needs of the planet in mind.

Renewable energy sources like solar power are viable, affordable, and clean ways to produce power. Whether for economic or moral reasons, it is in a homeowner’s best interest to switch to solar as soon as possible.