When moving to a new student premises the thoughts of the future and prospects are legion. Especially if this is someone that you are not familiar with. There is the fact that you are new somewhere mixed with the fact that you are concerned about making the best of your course. This situation is exciting as well as daunting, but a great time to relax about the entire situation. There’s a lot of things to be considered before hand when relocating, moving house, and hiring the different services you might need like removal services or man with van etc, but place all these into the larger picture, and most of all, don’t worry too much, because there will be many students movers in the same position! And here’s some ideas to catalyse thought!

1) Own your Campus

Not in the way it sounds, or anything to do with other people. Think about what has brought you here and why you’ve chosen your subject. You’ve probably already given this some thought which is why you’re here! But, how do the truly passionate about their subject(s) fill their campus with their energy? How do the people who have truly chosen their correct path create so much light from their passion? Is it from the fact that they know exactly what they are doing and pour all of their energy into this one goal? Is it from the fact that they are able to balance the necessities of study with the time to make it look natural and easy?

2) Be your Own Subject

Let’s face the simple facts: the reason that you are in your new student home is that you have chosen a course, and this course is something that you’ll be following for the foreseeable future. So, this has a link to your status and how people see you. You are a student of this or that or the other. Why not jump a step ahead and be completely it already? Don’t wait to get to the end of the course when you have a piece of paper to say that you’ve completed it, already be the: scientist, dancer, lawyer, teacher, writer, artist etc.

3) Have Time for Everyone’s Interests

All of the people in a student house are often doing different subjects – although it’s best to try and match them – so one of the skills that it is very important, is to learn to listen to other people’s subject interests. This goes without saying when living anywhere, but is particularly important when being a student and or moving house to share with others.

4) Make your New Home and Essays One

Even the way that people are making noise in your new home can be a part of your work! The very perspective of using ‘everything’ to your benefit is how students get the best grades. If there is ever something in your new student home that you don’t like – or find distracting from your assignments – never fight! Never let anything enter your mind apart from being civil and getting your work in on time, which will be a more powerful, intricate, and more pragmatically helpful way of doing things than vehemence, which would inevitably, only steel away from your energy. Buy some good quality headphones! And make sure that people understand when – and when not – to disturb you!

5) Be Grateful!

It can never be down played how valuable your time at university, and your student house is. It’s always easy to take things for granted in the moment, and it does indeed require a lot of energy to constantly renew the idea of gratitude, but it will be worth-it. A student house is like a singular representation of your academic pursuits and passions, with the added benefit of it comprising from the different personalities, and perspectives of your house-mates. All in all, this means that this type of home is quite unique in context, and is something to always be valued. So spend your time reflecting on your time in this home and make the best of it, and never be afraid to place all of your energy into making it a productive part of your life!