Welding is a process of joining two metal joints or pieces with the help of molten metal. It can be of different types based on the equipment and the metal used. However, the basic principle of working is same for all. The metal gets soft due to heat applied or generated, which helps it to get mold with the other peace and when this molten mass cools down, joint is formed.

The thickness of metal or the material decides which type of welding will be most efficient. Being a novice in the field of tools and techniques, you might need to know about the different types of welding and how they work. Here is a guide that will let you know about different types of welding and their uses.

The Low Cost Arc Welding

This is one of the most commonly used forms of welding and is popular because of the low cost incurred during welding. It uses an electric current generating material, which flows through material (the conductor) to carry out the process.

It is named ‘arc welding’ as a current is created among the welding devices and the material to be welded. This current gives an appearance of arch that lead to its naming. It was first used in 1802 and has evolved over time. You can now find various sub categories of arc welding based on the material or device used for welding.

The Fast Pace Electroslag Welding

This form of welding was first practiced in the mid-1950s. It is a fast welding process and is used extensively to join large piece of materials including thick steel plates. It is designed specially to weld in a vertical direction. Therefore, the steel slabs or any material to be welded is also kept in a vertical position.

Multiple Functioning Flux-cored Welding

This form of welding first came into existence in early 1950s. It is an automatic form of welding and does not require much labor work. The best way of getting this automated welding done is to buy welding machine online in India. This type of welding is widely used in construction work as it is automated and can do multiple functioning, which removes the need for additional welding machines.

The Automated Gas Metal Arc Welding

It was created back in 1940s and used in various areas since then. It makes use of a welding gun, which can automatically feed a welded metal through gun for use. Along with the welded material, the gun also releases a protective layer of gas which prevents metal surface from getting damaged.

It was developed to be used on aluminum, but is now used for various heavy metal sheets along with basic alloys such as stainless steel. It finds great use in structural steel frame works and construction.


This was the list of various types of welding and their uses. You can choose the type of welding you want for your home or work area based on the features you need.