The Nike Romaleos ReviewNike is the biggest sports retail company with the very best track record of housing some of the most stunning products. The nike romaleos review takes a closer look at the nike romaleos line which is guaranteed to deliver and how. The shoe is available in many colors but the black ones and spunky neon green ones do make their mark. These bad boys come with 2 straps which give greater stability to the shoe. The ventilation system of the shoe allows your footwear to breathe easy through the toe vents. For the best sports shoes in the market, you can blindly rely on Nike.

Design and Performance of the Nike Romaleos

On the very first go, Nike’s new edition of these shoes seemed a bit overpriced. But after wearing them for a couple of workouts one can see that they bring more bang for every buck. Customers have been going on and on about how satisfied they are with the show. The shoe is impressive to say the least and is quite different than its predecessor.

The shoe is quite light and the difference is easily noticeable. When it comes to the design, the shoe looks stylish and does catch one’s eye. The current and previous models of this shoe are poles apart. The newer ones are lighter and are much appreciated by customers for the reduction in weight.

The Removable Sole 

If there was anything that would hold your attention about the nike romaleos review is not the marketing but was the fact that the shoe came along with 2 different soles. One can be used for training and is a bit more flat. The second sole is stiff and can be used for competitions.

The stiffer sole is quite stable and will fit your feet well. The only problem that one faces with the soles is that it might keep your feet wet in case you sweat too much.

The nike romaleos reviewalso points out that the shoe has better ventilation as well. The ventilation is a bit difficult when the stiffer sole is on but that changes when you shift back to the lighter foam. If you sweat normally then you won’t face much of a problem.

These shoes are a bit more expensive than many others in the market. The nike romaleos review points out that even though this shoe might not seem affordable for any budget, it sure is worth every penny. The look and quality is outstanding. An extra investment in this type of a shoe will most definitely be worth it.

The Best thing about these Nike Shoes:

  • At the end of the day it is Nike. You can bank upon them for the best quality and make.
  • The shoe is durable and stable.
  • One can change the soles as and when they like. Another big plus.
  • This nike romaleos review confirms that you can enjoy the shoe in a variety of colors which is a huge plus for those who are choosy.
  • This nike romaleos review gives the shoe a thumbs up for its design

Things which you might not appreciate about these Nike shoes:

  • This nike romaleos review confirms that shoe is a bit steeply priced and might not fit everyone’s budget. But at the end of the day it is Nike and their products are expected to be worth your money.  The shoe is highly recommended though given how durable it is.
  • The sweat of the shoe is a tad bit weird.  If you sweat a lot your shoe will get soggy after a while with the stiffer sole, so try and shift back and forth between the lighter and stiffer sole for more comfort.


Well the nike romaleos review speaks volumes of how good the shoe is. It is most definitely a product that you can rely on. With Nike, you know that you are getting the very best shoe for the money. Though it is priced a bit more than you would like it to be, this shoe does stand apart. When it comes to weightlifting, this shoe will give the perfect fit. When you need a shoe that will give you stability, you will know which ones to head out for. According to this nike romaleos review, these shoes will be the most sought after pair in your closet and shall always be a favourite buy.

For any customer who is thinking of buying this shoe, they will be more than happy to own a pair for an amazing fit.