Cosmetic surgery covers a broad spectrum of options. When applied to the field of dentistry there are surgical and non-surgical options available which can improve your aesthetic appearance and how you feel. One of these options is Philadelphia dental implants. A dental implant is used to replace any missing teeth. It is made from metal, often titanium, and is surgically placed onto your jawbone in the location of the missing tooth. It is a permanent surgery which is designed to function as the root of your tooth. This is then used to anchor an artificial tooth to the area. The process as a whole takes between six to nine months to be fully completed and takes two major phases. The first phase is the surgical dental implant and the second phase is the installation of the crown or artificial tooth. The process for the surgery varies in terms of length based on how many teeth you must replace, whether an existing tooth has to be extracted first, as well as the condition of your dental health. If you are only re
placing one tooth, for instance, the process can be completed by a professional dentist or oral surgeon in one or two hours total.

There are many reasons why you should opt to get a dental implant especially in lieu of other surgical or temporary cosmetic surgery options. If you have missing teeth, even teeth located in the back of your mouth where most people will never see, you can still look into dental implants  as a method of changing your appearance and facial structure. If you lose a tooth, your facial structure will begin to change. One of the best ways to stop this from happening is through dental implants. Dental impacts have a distinct impact and are a safer and faster alternative to more extreme methods of cosmetic surgery.

If you are missing a tooth it will eventually affect your overall health as well as the aesthetics of your teeth. As soon as a tooth is removed, the bones in your mouth will re-sorb and the teeth around the missing tooth will start to shift. By getting a dental implant you can prevent the movement of your other teeth and still stimulate your bone. If you do not, and you allow your bone to resorb, you will lose some of the muscle attachment which can result in the saggy appearance of your skin. If you instead opt for a dental implant your muscles become stronger and your bone can revitalize itself, allowing your facial skin to expand once again into a smoother appearance.

Philadelphia dental implants are a viable alternative to other cosmetic surgeries such as collagen injections because they have a permanent effect compared to veneers. Veneers often last up to four years after which they must be replaced. But when you opt for Philadelphia dental implants they are permanent and yet cost the same amount of money as veneers.