What made Mark Zuckerberg buy WhatsApp at a whooping sum of   $19bn, has always been a mystery. Having seen how much Facebook has been progressing since always, this was surely one bug question every one had.

Mark Zuckerberg seemed to be very happy after having set this deal.

Zuckerberg had started Facebook with the aim to connect people throughout, and in that aim of his, he thought acquiring WhatsApp would help him do that. WhatsApp is one cross platform which connects to people on a daily basis, and this is surely an effective way to begin.

WhatsApp is quite simple, and is also fast.  It is a messaging app which is reliable in all times, and therefore has summed up to a whooping 800 million users, with billions of messages exchanged on a daily basis. On an average, more than 1m people add on WhatsApp everyday. Everyone is very much dependent on WhatsApp to communicate with people around.

Even after being bought by Facebook, WhatsApp is to work as an independent platform. Their ways and methods are going to remain the same, and the team is going to have complete access to the happenings over the app. Mark Zuckerberg has plans to take WhatsApp to great heights, and also it has expectations that it will help them in their project, Internet.org to help people in remote areas have the very basic internet facilities for free.

WhatsApp is also going to help Facebook with coming up with ideas and ways to enhance the already existing tools and features. Facebook messenger, and WhatsApp, both seem to have their individual set if uses to the people throughout, and hence neither of then is going to be overlooked. Efforts are to be made to keep up with both the IM applications. People are heavily crazy for the Whatsapp Status as well as the Facebook update.

At a time when WhatsApp had got the freedom to choose any partner to work with,its surely a great deal for Mark when they chose Facebook to team up with. What both the teams ave been doing together, we can already see. The design changes, the voice call, and soon, video calls too may be!

Both Jam Koum, and Mark Zuckerberg, the founders of respective applications WhatsApp and Facebook are working with the aim to connect the maximum number if people via their services. They have pretty much succeeded in doing so, and their never ending determination to keep bring newness to both, is surely commendable. The partnership indeed, is a good deal.

Both if then together have managed to get their applications to great heights with joint efforts. They have connected more than half a billion people, and this is surely to be continued. Though the interface features are to be expected more highlighted in Galaxy devices like Note 5 and s7

Both the apps are of great use, and of great nature. Them working together, as one, is definitely is a great deal for both!

There’s already much we have seen after the partnership, what more will we be seeing, is worth a wait! Until then, we can enjoy with the already incorporated changes, and revamps that continue to be!