rhinoplastyThere are over 100,000 rhinoplasty surgeries performed around the world every year, and this is a number that is only increasing. There was a time when rhinoplasty procedures hampered breathing in some way or the other. However, today, surgeons understand the need to perform surgeries that do not hamper breathing in any way.

Previously, there was a focus on removing cartilage as part of the reshaping experience. This is now replaced with a strategic re-positioning and that’s why modern rhinoplasty is definitely safer than the similar surgeries performed in the past. A corrective rhinoplasty, performed to correct surgical mistakes in the past that cause breathing problems often simply need a small surgical pocket to regraft the patient cartilage into.

Patients who had the surgeries decades ago have been hesitant about considering surgery in this day and age, because they remember how they had not responded favorably.  However, they all have a different tale to tell after they have a corrective surgery done. They report being freed from a dependence on antihistamine and breathing aids, and pain medication.

And, this surgery is not only a quick one, but is also affordable as it is often covered under health insurance. This is due to its nature – providing relief from breathing difficulties. That is, if the operating surgeon is one certified by the board. One of the most well-trained surgeons in Australia who is known for his flawless understanding of rhinoplasty surgery is Dr Tavakoli whose work can be seen at: http://www.drtavakoli.com.au/rhinoplasty-surgery.

A rhinoplasty can also help in correcting nasal problems for physical trauma. The most common situations where this occurs includes:

 Sporting injuries – especially the ones which take place in contact sports like football and boxing. However, considering the delicacy of the nose, it isn’t rare to see sporting injuries in something as low intensity as swimming.

 Workplace injuries – that occur to people working with heavy injuries

Violence – Since the nose is among the most delicate parts of one’s facial anatomy, it suffers a large amount of trauma in a direct hit to the face

However, despite the severity of these situations, it is interesting to note that simple first aid, a few switches and minor nasal surgery can make the difference. It is a matter of precision and skill, more than anything else.  One would have seen how quickly nasal bleeding can be stopped, and how bruising quickly heals over time. This shows the resilient power of the body. Combined with the skill and care of a good surgeon, it is no surprise that patients often make a speedy recovery and report improved breathing and overall health.

The biggest advantage of a rhinoplasty is the ability to get one’s sleep back. People with nasal issues often report heavy snoring and bouts of breathlessness, along with sinus issues. Sinus issues often lead to migraines and headaches, and general stress.

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