Embarking on a journey from Antalya to Alanya becomes more thrilling if the places in your itinerary are the less-jaded tourists spots. Alanya has plenty of these sites and it only takes a little more effort in planning and research to determine which destinations are the season’s best for your family.

The Breathtaking Vista at the Top of the Sapadere Canyon


A moderately long drive towards the eastern region of Alanya is worth all the effort if you’re going to Sapadere Canyon and indeed the sheer beauty of this place makes even the trip from Antalya to Alanya worthwhile. The Canyon is reached by an easy walking route, (you and everyone in your party may have to be physically fit enough to handle trail walking), which is abundant with breathtaking sights. Nature views abound here, from the lush forests to undulating meadows. You will even have a chance to refresh yourself as you pass by stunning waterfalls gushing with ice-cold meltwater. Taking a dip here or setting up a picnic by the water will reinvigorate your resolve to reach the Canyon’s peak. And when you finally reach the top, all the stress will fade away. From this altitude, the surrounding vista of the valleys and hills below will simply take your breath away. Moreover, the excursion would not be complete without at least a quick visit to the nearby Sapadere village, where you can pamper your palate with traditional fare.

Rafting Adventure Down the Dim River

If you happen to make the journey from Antalya to Alanya in the summer, then there are few places better than the Dim River. Situated in Alanya’s north-eastern region, the river flows downstream from a higher point, which makes it excellent for rafting. Travelling down the foamy water on a raft is made even better by the pristine natural landscape and idyllic countryside views on both riverbanks. And of course, swimming is also another good option. If you ever go hungry there are plenty of nice picnic areas and restaurants that are dotted along the banks downstream.

Delight your Inner Historical Buff in Iotape

Iotape was named after the wife of the ancient King Antiochus although today when you look at the ruins located in the east of Alanya, you will have no idea why. In any case, a chance to visit the remains of this ancient Roman city should be enough reason for an avid archaeology buff to make that easy trip from Antalya to Alanya. More or less, some features can still be recognised, such as the baths, the acropolis, the church, and the harbour. Moreover, another great thing about visiting Iotape is the nearby sea where you can choose to take a dip or swim after exploring the dusty ruins.