The healing is a difficult subject to learn to cure a patient for any physical fitness problem, inner health problem, mental health problem and other problems. At this moment a new therapy is discovered and developed by many legends and even now living legends are practicing the art and curing means, it is unbelievable to many people. The reason is the master will not be in vision, but once a person’s problem reaches to the master, master understands to send the cosmic power to the required area and purposeful power is sent and it is being received and satisfied patients are more in the world. This art is known in the format as Reiki, there are many branches are available and most of them are not developed to teach and learn or treating a patient. The patient sends his problem through some channel to the Reiki master and the master understands the problem goes away only with the karuna reiki. A person should understand not all the problems treated in the same manner, the way will be different, but the cure will be same as other medical system.

The Healing Is Made Through Cosmic Power Of The Master

The Branches in the Reiki and Developments

There are many branches are available and many of them are hard to learn because there is no script available to read, only by mouth words they are learnt and practiced. The cure is also not up to the mark; people are not much satisfied with the power sent and receive. Therefore, many branches are not available and some of them are disappearing or someone is giving life again to the new type of Reiki. Therefore, the art is not simple, art and every day it is being researched with the patient. The art developed only with the cured patients and their experience with the treatment. Everyone has experienced an amazing experience and they are cured physically of the physical problem. Many people prayed for their sugar problem and their other health related problems all the problems are cured and the treatment is successful.

Traditional System is Developed to the Modern Trend in Reiki

The art will get its development only from the results. In some practice cure is assured. In some part the art is a cure but cures slowly. The faster treatment is liked by the people because they are still suffering and slowly they feel recovering from their troubles. The master now plans to change the way of sending cosmic power to the patients and students. The students are receiving means the same for the patients because the patient becomes student to learn this art. The first time treatment is successful means the art is appreciated and people accept the sincerity of the master in sending the power to the particular location and treating a problem.

Main practice is being done everywhere in the world, the slow cure and patients are waiting for a long time to receive power from the master. At the same time, on other ends, many scholars in the Reiki sending their power commonly to the word plus their patients. The particularity of the patient is required to get cure form the problem. The common cosmic power sent is cleaning the environment of the location, particularly belief with the Reiki treatment. The nicest way is learning the art as early as possible or at least once any health disorder appears in the body ready to contact local Reiki master or International Reiki masters as above. There is no network with the power of cosmic because it is produced by an individual with the power of mercy from all over the world cosmic energies. The master is powerful in understanding and curing the problem.