The universe is constantly offering opportunities for everyone to benefit from readily available abundance. However, it may not be easy to recognize those moments when they are happening. It is natural to think about a religious setting for a spiritual awakening; perhaps a well delivered spiritual speech, a heartfelt testimony, or a powerful song can connect body, mind, and soul.

Meanwhile, there are thousands of other events in daily life which bring people together. Sometimes a concert connects musicians to the audience. Gallery openings provide an atmosphere for discussion and observation. Coffee shops offer a venue for sharing passions and energizing the intellect. When events go well, people walk away saying there was a “really good vibe” there. What does that mean?

Vibrational Healing: Ancestral Wisdom

Human beings, like all things in the universe, are made up of energy. Energy carries within it a specific resonance, or vibration. That means that even the human body is in constant motion even when it is apparently still. The body radiates this vibration and affects the world around it.

The ancestors knew about this connection long before there was scientific proof to confirm it. Unfortunately, the science of knowing that everyone is made of pure energy is not enough to create vibrational healing or that “really good vibe.” It is possible to create a bad vibe when one is sick. In those times, the ancestors would ask the afflicted to sing, to dance, and to tell their stories. Some would ask the community to sing songs specific to that person, to remind each of them of who they are.

Developing a Positive Environment

Singing is one of the first ways that humans learned to communicate with each other. Music is one of the highest frequencies and an inherent part of vibrational healing. Sound frequencies reverberate within the body and create pathways to feel good. Singing and listening to songs which promote happiness bring positive energy into the body.

Dancing creates physical sensations within the body that are fun and that almost anyone can do. Even spinning around in a wheelchair can be a fun way for someone to express their spirit. Any intentional act of joy in the body could be considered a dance form. Good feelings will affect vibrational healing to develop a positive environment.

Storytelling connects every human to their belief system. Myths reflect sacred connections to the highest good of humanity as well as warn about the dangers of the world. Beyond books, sharing one’s own story with someone close is a way to connect the past with the present and form a greater understanding of the world. Acknowledging the narrative that life has given strengthens the vibration each person puts out into the universe.

Getting Acquainted with Joy

Finding good health, becoming free of suffering, and learning the root of happiness are central parts of understanding what life means to every human. Observing the energy of the universe is a way of understanding the self. Knowing that each person is made up of energy offers an opportunity to consciously impact the energy that comes in and out every day. Healers work with vibrational healing through sound, touch, and spiritual energy to raise awareness and promote good feelings. Living a good life can simply mean a series of good days, one after the other. Opening up to the abundance of the universe can help create the “good vibe” that happens when good moments come together.