Most women have a pregnancy drugs list ready before they even go on to become pregnant. The logic behind this is that they would not want any exposure of toxic substances to the baby. If you have a genetic disease in your family doctors are going to advise you for genetic planning. In order to achieve positive outcomes, the various medical conditions need to be treated and kept under control. This is even before you opt for pregnancy. In addition, you need to refrain from smoking or drinking when you are about to conceive. There are some drugs for pregnant women that need to be avoided at any costs. Do discuss with your doctor on the list of drugs. There are some other questions that you would need to answer before you become pregnant

Should you refrain from any sexual activity when you are pregnant?

In most cases sex during pregnancy is safe. The doctor is going to ask avoiding you sexual intercourse if you are suffering from conditions or the risk factor increases. Some of the risks would mean bleeding, infection or miscarriages. At the same time, a pregnant woman should avoid sexual activity that provides them with a risk of infection.

Would it be safe to exercise when you are pregnant?

Exercise is a part and parcel of the lifestyle of a pregnant woman. It is recommended for most of them until they face some serious complications. It is suggested that you need to discuss your exercise program with your doctor. As per medical experts, it is suggested that women who do not have an uncomplicated pregnancy need to practice exercise for 30 minutes on an average daily. But there are some sports that may cause damage to the abdomen that needs to be avoided. For example, scuba diving or ice hockey needs to be avoided.

Do you think it is ok for a pregnant woman to diet when they are pregnant?

As a pregnant woman, you need to follow a healthy nutrition plan that needs to be optimized keeping the needs of a mother or a child into consideration. At the same time for a pregnant woman a weight reduction regime is not recommended. Even if you happen to be an obese woman it is expected that you will gain some weight when you are pregnant. Some may gain less weight in comparison to the normal weight gain. It is suggested that you discuss with your doctor on what happens to be the best course of weight gain for a patient.

Do you think air travel happens to be safe when you are pregnant?

As per medical experts, occasional air travel is ok during the times of pregnancy. Though there is no data to back up the fact that air travel is going to cause any significant damage when you are pregnant. Most airlines allow women to fly down till36 weeks of gestation. Though in the case of high-risk pregnancies it is suggested that you avoid any form of air travel.