The urinary system or the renal system, sometimes called the urinary tract is made up of the kidneys, the ureters, the bladder and the urethra. The primary purpose of the urinary system is to eliminate the harmful waste products that are produced due to metabolism from the bloodstream and outside the human body. The urinary system also plays a role in regulation of blood volume and blood pressure, maintaining levels of metabolites and electrolytes and also controlling the pH level of the blood. All these functions make it one of the most important organ systems of our body, although it utility and importance is often overlooked, resulting in lack of proper maintenance and health.

Lack of proper healthy diets and maintenance may result in infection or disease of the urinary system, called urologic diseases. Kidney diseases are the primary and most common kind of disorder that this system faces. It can be acute or chronic. The kidneys can also be affected by metastatic cancer cells. Aside from diseases of the kidney, the rest of the urinary tract can also face diseases, like urinary tract infections, urine retention and obstruction problems, and more alarmingly bladder and prostate cancer.

Except for cancer of the various organs of the urinary system, all major diseases of the urinary tract fall under the medicinal category of urology, and are treated by a specialized doctor called urologist. With the rise in the number of urinary system disease, primarily cases of urinary tract infections due to lack of proper hygiene, the need of good urologists in India has risen. While selecting among the top urologist in India, one should keep in mind some of the following points.

1) Credibility – One of the foremost reasons for choosing any doctor is the credibility they have, based on recommendations by various sources, opinions of other patients and the overall image the doctor has in society. While choosing a top urologist, one should make sure that the doctor as ample experience and a good track record of successful patients.

2) Associated hospital – The doctor is as good as the type of support he gets. When choosing a doctor, one should check the kind of hospital they are associated with, and whether they have proper state-of-the-art modern equipment, well maintained operation theatres and labs, and a good team of nurses and other medical personnel.

3) Affordability – Although good treatment and proper care does not come cheap, one should still make sure that the doctor they are consulting provides affordable treatment. Hidden costs, hospital charges and other ways which the medical bill can be increased should be scrutinized thoroughly. Having a good medical insurance provider also helps, but one should check whether their insurance policy covers such treatment.

Diseased of the urinary system should never be neglected as this can result in improper urination, which can result in accumulation of toxic wastes in the body and other, worse health disorders. When the initial symptoms of such diseases occur, one should immediately consult a good urologist and get medical attention.